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Chapter One: Cockapoos Inside Out!

Chapter Two: Cockapoos as Pets

Chapter Three: Finding a Reputable Breeder

Chapter Four: Puppy Preparation

Chapter Five: Entertaining and Socializing Your Cockapoo

Chapter Six: Coat Types and Grooming

Chapter Seven: Feeding Your Cockapoo

Chapter Eight: Breeding Your Cockapoos

Chapter Nine: Health and Safety

Chapter Ten: Care Sheet and Summary

Chapter Two: Cockapoos as Pets

Just like any dogs or household pets, Cockapoo is surely a wonderful pet to keep. These cute creatures can enrich people’s lives in many ways but things should still be considered especially if you want to acquire this particular breed. Before finding a reputable breeder, it’s probably best to consider the questions provided in this chapter for you to be able to make an honest decision if cockapoo can fit your family, your personality and your lifestyle. This chapter will make you ponder on things that come with keeping this kind of dog.

Questions to Consider Before Keeping Cockapoos as Pets

Here are some things you need to consider before taking the next step. Make sure you read through this to see if this is the dog breed for you.

Can you provide long term commitment?

As mentioned earlier cockapoos can become your loving companion for a maximum of 18 years (or maybe more), so the first question you need to really to have a clear answer to is, can you commit in keeping them and providing for all their basic needs and wants? Basically, you have to spend money on food, shelter, grooming, and other necessities but you also have to spend time and energy playing around with them and making them feel loved and appreciated just like another member of the family. You have to do this every day for the rest of your dog’s life! If you have an active social life or you’re someone who’s not around the house all the time, cockapoos may not be the ideal dog for you.

Do you have patience to train them?

Cockapoos are pretty easy to train but they can still require a lot of effort on your part especially when they’re young. Just like kids, you have to care for them, understand their behavior, be patient with them and even build a routine for them so that they can settle and feel “at home” with your company. Aside from basic training, one of the hardest parts is housebreaking and potty/toilet training. You have to constantly and consistently follow up on them so that the ‘rules’ can be inculcated in their minds which can foster good behavior. You also have to aid them if they’re going through their different transitions in life, from their puppy years to their juvenile years until they reach adulthood. As a keeper, patience it needed if you want them to have and maintain their discipline.

Grooming and coat maintenance can cost a lot; do you have the budget and time?

In order to keep their coats from becoming matted, you’ll need to groom them regularly especially when they reached adulthood. They’ll usually require regular combing and trimming. If you choose not to do it yourself, you can have the option of bringing them to a professional pet groomer which of course can be quite costly and you have to set a schedule for it as well. Most cockapoos love to roll around in the ground, muds and water, making their coats, paws, and body dry and dirty. Moreover, if things like twigs or grass seeds get attached to your cockapoo’s coats it can be hard to remove and may require a vet to perform the removing procedure because these things can be painful for your dog. Grooming also means doing a daily routine to check if their coat is still in good condition after playing outside so make sure you have time for it.

Can you keep up with their energy?

Cockapoos’ energy levels are off the charts! You have to make sure that they get enough mental and physical stimulation by taking them out for walks, letting them run around the yard, letting them play with other dogs or by simply entertaining by playing games, training and tricks as well as doing dog obstacles. They are super active so make sure that you can keep up with their energy.

Can you cover possible health treatments or can you avail a pet insurance?

Although cockapoos are generally healthy, they can still get sick from time to time. You may need to have them checked every month or so by the vet to do a routine checkup to make sure that they’re in good health which can of course cost you – not to mention if they do need treatment. Aside from that, you should be able to set aside a certain amount to avail the needed vaccines or puppy shots for them.

Availing of pet insurance is optional but it’s a good option in cases of emergency because it can cover the expenses of medical treatments as well as the accidents that can be caused by your dog. However, illnesses like flea and worming treatments, spaying/neutering and even routine checkups are not usually covered so you have to pay for those things. Make sure you set aside a certain amount for these cases.

Cockapoos craves attention; can you give them your full commitment?

These dogs are not the independent type unlike other kinds of breeds. In fact, they’re sort of ‘clingy’ pets and it’s safe to say that they are suckers for attention! They are people pleaser and will do anything just to make you focus on them which is why they can also be prone to separation anxiety especially if they have already formed closed bonds with your family. So if you think you can’t do that, better get them use to being not so attached at an early age.

Do you want a cockapoo because you’ve been told that they are hypoallergenic?

Even if cockapoos have hypoallergenic traits that they got from their parent breeds, it doesn’t mean that they’re completely allergic free, it only means that compared to normal dog breeds, they have less dander. People with allergies can still suffer from allergic reaction due to the dog’s skin and saliva, and not just because of their coat.

Since cockapoos are not entirely poodle breeds, there’s no guarantee that they would have the traits of being a low molting coat such as those found in poodle breeds.  Make sure that before you get a cockapoo, ask the breeder if you can interact with them over a period of time to check if you won’t get any allergic reactions.

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