“Get this Book Whoever wants a Feather Friend !!!”

Out of Three Books I bought, I read this one first. This book is Really a very Good & Wonderful Book. It explains things very Good, it puts it into words that you do not need them to be explain to you the meaning of the words…


“Very helpful”

I have done a lot of research on parakeets and have read several other books and this one is my favorite. Very informative, quite helpful in my study… I am happy with this book.


“a great book”

i love this book as much as i loooove the amazing and sweet bird! 5 stars! so informative and helpful for me as a caique parrot owner! GREAT BOOK!


“It was very good.”

My wife loved the book.


“Good book”

Great book with plenty of information


“An informative read!”

I don’t recall what got me into roosters but this is the best pet ever. This book explains a lot.

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