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I love to write books about pets. My books are written for everyone in an easy to read and understandable style. Some of my other titles available on Amazon (and various other fine book retailers) are “Kennel Cough” (ISBN 978-0-9896584-0-9 – “Axolotl” (ISBN 978-0-989658-43-0) – “Wallaby and Wallaroo Care” (ISBN 978-1-941070-03-1) – “Rats, Mice, and Dormice As Pets” (ISBN 978-1-941070-07-9 – “Saltwater Fish As Pets” (ISBN 978-0-989658-46-1)…. and many more to come! Many of my titles are also available for Kindle on Amazon and as digital eBooks from various online retailers.

Lolly Brown

Latest Books

Wallaby and Wallaroo Care: A Complete Owner’s Guide

A Complete Owner’s Guide: Raising, Breeding, Facts, Habitat, Diet, Care, Health, and Where to Buy All included.

Rats, Mice, and Dormice as Pets: The Complete Owner’s Guide

The Complete Owner’s Guide. Care, health, keeping, raising, training, food, costs, where to buy, breeding, and much more all included!

Eels As Pets: A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide. Where to buy, species, aquarium, supplies, diet, care, tank setup, and more!

Axolotl: Facts & Information

A Complete Pet Owner’s Guide. Axolotl care, tanks, habitat, diet, buying, life span, food, cost, breeding, regeneration, health, medical research, fun facts, and more all included.


"Axolotl. Facts & Information: A Complete Pet Owner’s Guide is a great go-to source for anybody that might be in the same predicament. I had so many questions and Lolly Brown did a great job covering most everything for me. She laid out information about habitat, feeding, breeding, and much more."

Ricky M. Hansen Jr.

on Axolotl: A Complete Pet Owner’s Guide

"Lolly browns eels as pets book is very useful for a beginner marine care person who wants eels as pets"


on Eels As Pets: A Complete Guide

"This book gave me a good overview of the various aspects of keeping Rats, Mice, and/or Dormice as pets. Did a good job of explaining the essentials like daily care and health. Also, went the extra mile to include some information about rodent fancy and rodent shows. All in all a good owner’s guide."

Amazon Customer

on Rats, Mice, and Dormice as Pets: The Complete Owner’s Guide

"Covers all of the essential information and a lot more. Very informative."

Amazon Customer

on Saltwater Fish as Pets: A Complete Pet Owner’s Guide

"A thoughtful and informative book that respects the animal and goes to lengths in providing information to do just that. Covers what anyone looking to care for these amazing creatures the information they need to know."

Amazon Customer

on Wallaby and Wallaroo Care: A Complete Owner’s Guide

Blog Updates

Guide to Caring for Axolotls

Axolotls require proper care to help them grow healthy. If you want to raise them but are new to caring for axolotls, it is important to keep yourself educated.

Axolotls are a type of salamander that is native to Mexico. They spend all of their life in the water and never step out into the land. They do not require a lot of care to grow and develop; however, the living conditions must be right to keep them healthy. To be specific, you need to maintain the proper living condition for axolotls such as regulating the water temperature and water flow inside the tank.

The Best Turtle Food Brand for your Pet Wood Turtle

The Best Turtle Food Brand for your Pet Wood Turtle

Feeding your pet could be a difficult task; you may not know how much is too much for it. Wood turtles will not give you obvious signs that it wants food. Rather, you need to allot time and effort to learn the feeding habits of your pet, or better, create a definite...

Want to be an Exotic Pet Owner?

Want to be an Exotic Pet Owner?

There has been a rise in exotic pet ownership; and one that has been making a mark is one of the most fascinating amphibians there is to exist, Axolotls. They have come to be labeled as “Mexican walking fish”. And is very famous for its unique unreal characteristics....

What Diseases Are Abyssinian Cats Prone To?

What Diseases Are Abyssinian Cats Prone To?

What diseases are Abyssinian cats prone to? Before we talk about the health issues they face, Abyssinian cats are quite a special breed. They are the type of kitties that can sense their owner’s mood. They are generally curious pets and the...

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