“Great guide to Lionhead rabbits!”

We were given a lionhead rabbit to take to the shelter since my husband knew a volunteer there. What a surprise to find they had an emergency and were at full capacity due to a hoarder being arrested. Much as we were happy to know innocent bunnies were rescued, we had no experience in keeping rabbits. So our first thought was that we needed a guide book. Fast! Amazon Kindle was the answer. This is a good book, although I will never use the chapter on breeding.


“Great Guide”

Very helpful guide for someone who has never raised rabbits before. My babies are all thriving thanks to this book.


“Great Book for Rabbits”

My lionhead rabbits love this book, i read a chapter every night before they go to sleep.


“i am a new lionshead rabbit owner and unfamiliar to the breed”

this book helped me so much, not only with her physical care needs, but also behavioral traits.


“Lots of good information”

Very helpful. Learned a lot of new things about lion head rabbits.


“All there is to know about lionhead rabbits”

Love this book. Tells all about your lionhead rabbits. How they are and how to take care of them .

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