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Chapter One: Reticulated Who?

Chapter Two: Reticulated Python as a Family Member

Chapter Three: Housing Requirements for Reticulated Pythons

Chapter Four: Diet and Nutrition for Your Reticulated Python

Chapter Five: Starting a Family

Chapter Six: Health Care for Reticulated Pythons

Chapter Seven: Handling Your Reticulated Pythons (Optional)

Chapter Two: Reticulated Python as a Family Member

We have given you enough information about the rich history and quick facts of the Reticulated Python. The aforementioned facts are a handy guide about all essential things about our beloved python. We are just on the surface; we need to dive deeper into fully knowing our Reticulated Python. This chapter will deal with more information about the Reticulated Python: the budget that you need, traits, and necessary licenses and permits that you need to secure. You still need to know a lot of things before you go out and buy your Reticulated Python.

You might think that taking care of a python is an easy task, but this is a holistic commitment that needs your full attention. This portion will deal with why you should own a reticulated python at this instant!

Why Own a Reticulated Python?

Having a pet in your life is an amazing idea, whether you want to add it as a family member or you will keep it as a companion.  You need to know that purchasing your first pet will become a big and difficult decision for you and your household members.

When you have fully decided that you want to welcome a pet in your life, you need to determine what kind of pet you want in your house.

A Reticulated python is a good choice for novice snake owners. You might be scared at first, but you will just need to prepare some things and you are good to go!

Temperament and Behavioral Characteristics

The Reticulated Python is known to be an excellent swimmer and they could swim as far away from the shore at possible! They may be slow movers but they can cover big areas at any given day. These are nocturnal creatures, which mean that they like to move during night time.

They will coil up to you especially when they are in danger, because they are very aggressive creatures. And because they are heavy creatures, they can be easily found on land but some of them go into the trees. They also like bodies of water. If your snake is acting up, it is probably due to its stress and insecurity, so make sure that you deal with that! It could also potentially attack you if it feels threatened and unsafe in the environment.

If your Reticulated Python is born in captivity, it is less likely to be stressed from its new environment. They will know that the person who feeds them will never hurt them, and nothing bad will ever happen to them.

We have summed up all the behavioural characteristics of the Reticulated Python, there are so much more to learn! Let us head on the next sections to know more about our fierce but beloved Python.

Is A Reticulated Python A Good Choice of Pet?

In this part, we will be giving more information on why or why not you should get a Reticulated Python as your pet. Make sure to reflect at each bullet because this will help you in your future endeavor.


  • Reticulated Pythons are smarter than any other snake.
  • They are more active than any other snakes.
  • They are very easy to breed.
  • This breed is easily available with many patterns and colors as their variations.
  • They could live up to 25 to 30 years; you could spend a lot of time with your loving pet!


  • Some reticulated pythons could be very aggressive.
  • If you have a wild – caught reticulated python, it will have a very difficult time to adjust to their new environment. This might lead to accidental biting and misinterpretation.
  • They live up to 30 years; you need to commit a whole life to take care of your pet.
  • They are considered as Vulnerable, because many people are capturing this kind of python for their skin.

If you are now determined to get a Reticulated Python, make sure that you read on the remaining chapters to learn more about this beloved pet. However, if you are still hesitant, make sure that you still read through the book and see that it is just very easy to take care of a Reticulated Python.

Money Matters!

You have now made up your mind that you will purchase your Reticulated Python; however, there is still a list of things that you need to buy first before you even think of moving in your pet at home.

A good Reticulated Python breeder would set-up a great place for the pet to stay, other than that, make sure to also have in hand food and some grooming tools that you need for your pet. Make sure to also have all the correct substrate supplies ready to mimic the environment that your pet will be staying in.

If you feel you can handle these tasks as well as spend much money on these things, let us move on!

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