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Feeding your pet could be a difficult task; you may not know how much is too much for it. Wood turtles will not give you obvious signs that it wants food. Rather, you need to allot time and effort to learn the feeding habits of your pet, or better, create a definite feeding habit for it to follow. If you have trained it enough, your wood turtle would have the cue when it needs to eat and when it wants to eat. 

In this subsection, we will provide you with the top five turtle pet food that your pet wood turtle could enjoy. You are not limited to these choices as you can choose other brands, especially if it is recommended by your veterinarian. Also, you can ask other pet owners on what food they eat and the store where they buy it. Take caution as this is vital that could determine the overall health of your pet.

Here are our top five picks for your pet wood turtle’s food:

Recommended Brand No. 1: Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food

This brand is reputable to several pet owners. This trusted brand for almost thirty years, provides a balanced and complete meal that your turtle will like, further, this formula is very easy to digest.

The food is kept in a Ziploc bag that would easy to reseal for convenient storage.

Recommended Brand No. 2: Rep-Cal Aquatic Turtle Food

A plus factor for this product – it ships internationally! This turtle food is filled with a lot of vitamins and minerals needed by your pet. It has a great deal of calcium and Vitamin D3 which are essential for your pet wood turtle’s growth!

This food brand contains high quality of apple fiber and animal proteins. This product provides complete and balanced nutrition.

Recommended Brand No. 3: Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food

What makes this pet food stand out from the other is that it is available in three sizes of pellets! One for your hatchling, another one is great for growth, and lastly, a formula for maintenance.

These pellet sizes and formulas are scientifically done to qualify and get all the dietary requirements for your pet. For the hatchling pellets, they have specifically designed their pellets to accommodate for growth and nutrition.

Recommended Brand No. 4: Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Diet

This turtle food brand is chosen by many pet owners. Some would even say that a bag of this product would last them for months! Think of the savings that you will have when you buy this product.

What makes this amazing is that this is great for all stages of development. You could give it to your hatchling or even an older pet. They product a holistic nutrition essential to every step or stage your pet will undergo.

Recommended Brand No. 5: Fluker’s Aquatic Turtle Diet

Another great pet food that ships internationally, this pet food is what your pet is looking for!

Available in three sizes: 2 pack of eight ounces, four ounce pack, or eight ounce pack, this pet food is made from premium protein blend that is specifically made for healthy turtle growth and each pellet is made for easy feeding.

Overall, most turtle foods we have recommended have high quality that will provide great nutrition for your pet’s growth and maintenance of its health. It is up to your preference on the brand that you want to choose. Take up suggestions from your friends and family on the best food to choose.

This section has provided you with enough knowledge regarding your pet turtle’s nutrition and feeding. Make sure you thoroughly read each subsection as to give the proper care and health to your pet.  We hope you have learned a lot from the information we have given you. Read on to know more about your pet wood turtle.

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