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Lots of pet keepers choose to keep fishes in their homes. They usually house these amazing creatures in small enclosures or tanks but if you want to keep fishes and keep them happy and healthy, just like any other pets, you need to feed them and keep their homes clean. Keeping fishes means you will need to clean the dirt they make through their feces, excess food, debris from the fish tank as well as algae growth. In order to properly maintain the fish tank based from saltwater fish stores, you need to get the best fish tank filter available which you can easily find from pet stores or online stores but before you even do that, you need to decide on the kind of aquatic fishes you would want to keep since there are many options available. The kind of fishes you will choose needs to match the fish tank you can provide. In this saltwater fish store article, you’ll learn about the different functions of fish tank filters, benefits, the types, and top models available which you can easily acquire from saltwater fish stores.

Saltwater Fish Store: Functions of Fish Tank Filter System

Before you learn about the various fish tank filters you can purchase from different saltwater fish stores, you need to first learn the basics. In this section, we will guide you on how you can learn the various functions of a fish tank filter. There are 3 types to choose from:

Biological Function

Ammonia is part of the waste or feces that are being released from the bodies of fishes. This is why it’s essential to remove these particles from the tank as much as possible because it can be harmful for your pets if it stays there in the tank for a long time. You can easily eliminate the body wastes of your aquatic fishes from their enclosure by using the right filtration system.

Mechanical Function

You can also see debris in the enclosure of your aquatic fishes, and by that it means that aside from dust there are also excess foods or left – over food and those particles will definitely create an unsanitary environment. The mechanical process of a fish tank will not just help remove the dirt and debris but also other visible waste in your pet’s tank. This will help your fishes maintain a good health. You need to also maintain a well – aerated tank.

Chemical Function

The water that a lot of saltwater fish stores use comes from various sources and some of these sources may have materials such as metals or other chemicals that can be harmful to your aquatic fishes. That’s why you need a filter to remove these potentially harmful materials or chemicals from the water. Different types of filters will help you clean up the impurities. Once you remove them, your fish will be able to thrive further.

Aquarium Filters Reviews

When it comes to choosing what kind of fish tank filter is best for you, it’s best to check out all the models that are available in your nearest saltwater fish stores. Since it comes from different manufacturers, it can be a bit hard to decide which one is the best plus you need to factor in your budget. Below is some best aquarium filter reviews based on different saltwater fish stores.

Fluval External Fish Tank Filter

This model is great for different sizes of tanks made by various manufacturers. It has superior filtering capability, and it also works well for saltwater and freshwater aquariums. It has one of the most powerful motor technologies in the market today which can definitely speed up the filtration process. This product is also better than most of its competitors because of its varying functionalities. You just need to simply follow the setup instructions in the manual. This helps to make sure you find the product working as required. In addition, this filter comes with fewer vibrations than other filters.

Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

If you’re looking for a filter that can work for both saltwater and freshwater fish enclosures, then this one is also a great choice. The Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter also works for other types of fish aquariums. It can also provide an impressive 350 – gph water flow. You just need to keep it well – maintained so that it can work efficiently and effectively.

Marineland Magniflow Canister

The Marineland Magniflow Canister comes with a feature that offers a watertight seal filter. This is a great add – on because it can keep leaks from occurring and keep you from losing substantial water that needs to be circulated back to the tank. In addition to this, the canister lid comes with a polishing filter pad which can help in removing fine debris and dirt. You’ll be able to clean the tank without any issues.

According to most saltwater fish stores, this product is designed to have the bio-filter balls as well as ceramic rings. These features can help provide a multi – faceted surface. This filter can also give you the black diamond carbon that helps to remove discoloration, the odors, and other water impurities.

EHEIM Classic External Canister Fish Tank Filter Media

The EHEIM Classic External Canister Fish Tank Filter Media comes with a promo – elastic silicon sealing ring. This can help keep the filter tightly sealed while working in the aquarium. You don’t need to worry about experiencing any leakage which others have issues with when it comes to other fish tank models. Another feature is that it comes with filter sponges as well as other types of loose filter media. The EHEIM Classic External Canister Fish Tank Filter Media also comes with several accessories such as a spray bar, inlet hose, hose, etc.

AquaClear Power Filter

Another great filter model is the AquaClear Power Filter. This product is one of the best back filters to consider as it can meet the needs of most aquarium enthusiasts. It also comes with variations in terms of flow rates. So, you can pick one to deliver the flow rate that is the best for you. It ensures to provide you an impressive filtration capacity. It has the flow control technology to reduce the effect of water flowing.

As mentioned above, several things will affect the way the filter will work. There are some models available in many saltwater fish stores today. It’s important to pay attention to the design so that you can get one that fits in your aquarium. Good luck!

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