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In this portion, we will be giving you pros and cons about Whippets. This will help you decide if you still want to pursue into buying your own Whippet:


  • A medium-sized Greyhound
  • Looks great! It is elegant, slender, racy built, with a graceful and light – footed gait.
  • They have sleek easy care coat.
  • They are quiet and dignified, unobtrusive and undemanding when indoors.
  • They like to run around, gallop, and play with breath taking speeds when outdoors.
  • Whippets are generally polite to everyone.  


  • They need a safe enclosed area where he can run around and play
  • They need to chase other things that run around.
  • If they are not properly socialized, they can get timid and fearful.
  • Whippets are very independent; they will not please their owners.

They are emotionally sensitive especially to abrupt changes in schedule and stress.

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