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  • Should You Keep Your Greyhound In An Outside Kennel?
  • The Greyhound is a large-sized breed so it a great deal of space, and this breed will appreciate having room to run and play outdoors, if possible. The Greyhound has a single coat thus, it is not advisable to keep him in an outside kennel permanently. He would not certainly be tough enough to withstand […]

  • The Best Turtle Food Brand for your Pet Wood Turtle
  • Feeding your pet could be a difficult task; you may not know how much is too much for it. Wood turtles will not give you obvious signs that it wants food. Rather, you need to allot time and effort to learn the feeding habits of your pet, or better, create a definite feeding habit for […]

  • Is Whippet Breed Right For You?
  • In this portion, we will be giving you pros and cons about Whippets. This will help you decide if you still want to pursue into buying your own Whippet: Pros A medium-sized Greyhound Looks great! It is elegant, slender, racy built, with a graceful and light – footed gait. They have sleek easy care coat. […]

  • Brushing Your Vizsla’s Teeth
  • Some dogs dislike having their mouths handled. If your Vizsla doesn’t like you touching his mouth, you can start with just flipping his cheek flap up and then praising him and giving him a treat. Do this several times a day so that he becomes used to your touching his lips. Note: If your Vizsla […]

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