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The axolotl is one of the most sought after pets in recent years, many pet owners decide to take in this pet. The axolotl size might be one of the reasons why people are so drawn to own them. This feature is coupled with baby-like features, ability to rear in the tank, as well as rarity. Aside from this, pet owners like to own them because the size of the axolotl is handy – it makes them very easy to maintain. However, the axolotl size should not be the only reason why you want to keep this as a pet.

An axolotl should not be a problem if you already have great experience in taking care of a fish, mainly because a fish and an axolotl has the same care requirements.

Diet Contributes to the Size of the Axolotl

Axolotls, especially the normal sized are naturally carnivorous. Normal-sized axolotl’s diet contains pure meat and it is made up of many animal species that are found in Mexican lake waters, mainly because these waters are their natural and original habitat. Normal-sized axolotls are known to eat insects, worms, small fish and almost anything that could fit in their mouth – and swallow them whole! Unfortunately, these also include other axolotl and also salamanders.

When they are in captivity, these animals feed on night crawlers such as large earthworms. Even though they are different axolotl sizes really enjoy these food sources, such as bloodworms and blackworms. In fact, these two worms are the most nutritional food you can give to your pet. Aside from that, you can also give them frozen prawns, shrimp, tuna, lean beef or chicken, nd mealworms. Just like other salamanders, your axolotl does not really need mineral or vitamin supplements.

When it comes to axolotl size, they also eat differently. Your pet will eat until it is full, especially if they are adult-sized axolotl. Your pet would eat around 2 earthworms, it would vary for every 2 to 3 days. It is very common for them to not eat especially if they are still full from their previous eating session. Your healthy adult pet could live without any problems even if it does not eat for up to two weeks. But, if your pet is still of a young age, you should feed it regularly and do not go over 3 days without feeding them.

Common Illnesses of Axolotls

Just like any other beings, your axolotl could experience a number of injuries as well as illnesses, this will not only affect the health of your pet but as well as the axolotl size. You need to know how to treat these problems correctly, you need to get them back in good shape, or else it will greatly affect the size of the axolotls.


Just like humans, stress is one of the biggest problems of the axolotl. Your axolotl size could be greatly affected due to chronic stress, this stress would now lead to infection or even illnesses. Temperature over 24 degrees Celsius, foul water, strong water flow, aggressive tank mates, and untreated water are some of the problems that your pet might encounter. Some symptoms that you might see are appetite loss, this can be seen when your pet does not want to eat on a normal basis, aside from that, you can see him or her hook or curl his/her tail or have forward-turned gills.


Normal-sized axolotl has this great ability to regenerate. If you cut off its limbs, it will regenerate easily without any help at all! After a few days, you could see that any damaged limbs or gills would be able to repair itself easily – as if it is magic! However, there is still a big risk of injury, as this can promote infection. If your pet has an exposed wound, it can easily become infected, so you always need to check your pet for wounds and always check that the water is in a clean, cool place.


Another great problem that your adult-sized axolotl might experience is impaction. In this condition, the digestive system of your axolotl becomes dysfunctional. Some symptoms include low waste production, food refusal for a few days, bloating, and even low waste production. This illness is often caused when your pet has accidentally ingested small stone or gravel. You need to house your pet, whether it is young or old in a substrate with sand as its base.

If there is an impaction, make sure that you help them eject anything that they have eaten, this is to ensure that your pet will recover fast. Sometimes, constipation might happen as a result of overfeeding your axolotl size could greatly be affected. Remember, your pet only needs to eat every two to three days. This would also help them maintain their regular body.

Your pet is healthy if it has thick feathery external gills as well as a fat belly, because these are great signs that your pet is taking in oxygen correctly and a sign for them to eat well. To maintain a good axolotl size, there should be regular water changes to maintain goo water levels as well as temperature. Remember, your pet can also breathe through their skin, so you need to maintain a clean tank all the time.

If there is a grave difference in the size of your axolotl, you need to check the water for contamination, and you could also see the changes in the external gills as well as its behavior. For an ideal axolotl size, the ideal tank should be the one that replicates its natural habitat. You can search up the wonderful canals of Lake Xochimilco and see the surroundings of the area. You can also do a quick google search of a lake inspiration so you would know to make your pet feel at home.

To have the proper axolotl size, you should contact some commercial breeders that could breed the population even they are considered as quite endangered. These breeders usually breed these animals out of hobby and passion for a number of years,some might breed them to be sold as aquarium pets in pet stores.

In giving the correct nutrition, you should try to give a variety of food for your pet. You should not just give one food source in the diet. Make sure that your pet gets enough nutrients such as vitamins and minerals from the food. If you are really interested in taking care of an axolotl, make sure to do a thorough review to know the responsibility as well as the commitment you need to do.

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