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Toy poodles, dogs known for their intelligence, fun-loving, and affectionate disposition, together with their innate social butterfly personality, these dogs are one of the best family dog options you could ask for, and we are talking about it worldwide here. What could go wrong? 

These dogs have a reputation for being effete and noble but trust us, toy poodles are more than elegant, and they are happy to get down and dirty. In fact, these dogs started their lives as hunters for the rich and famous in Europe. They have reached their peak because of their outstanding intelligence, which is celebrated as being one of the smartest dog breeds. They are highly trainable, eager to please humans, and love being the life of the party, by mainly showcasing tricks they have put their mind into tirelessly.  So, if you are planning on caring for a toy poodle in your life, a great discussion to have is its pros and cons. This way, you can objectively decide if one of these pooches is the perfect dog for you.


Toy poodles are indeed very sociable 

Toy poodles are extremely social animals. They love the company of humans and will pick one person in the family to bond with the most. They are capable of forming an incredible and soul-warming bond with the person they chose to, for the rest of their life. It will not be a problem if you have a big family, or if you adore bonding with your friends in your apartment as these pooches will greet them with open arms. 

Poodles are very smart 

Via world record, poodles are one of the smartest dogs. They came in second place next to Border Collies. This means fun and smooth training can be achieved with them, they are also very quick in following commands, as well as in showing emotional intelligence. These dogs are also very equipped to remember people’s faces vividly. 

Playing competitions of hide-and-seek and discovering hidden treats or toys will yield them a satisfactory mental workout. Their intelligence is a plus when it comes to obedience training, as they capture on very quickly.

Toy poodles are active

Small but terrible, toy poodles love to lead their lives actively by participating in physical activities and playtime. This is a great pro as it equips these dogs to have a healthy physical and mental disposition. Do not worry; these pooches make great companions for either walking, running as well as cycling. 

They have a unique appearance 

Toy poodles are very good-looking, and a rare gem, compared to most dogs. Rare in the sense that these dogs are capable of illuminating their people with their charisma; these dogs’ are famed for their square outline, long and elegant back. Their coat is dense and curly that secures a very endearing feel to it. 

They are friendly with other dogs, as well as cats

Toy poodles are very easy going and because they love to befriend anyone, you will not have a hard time trying to bond with your remaining pets. They are not jealous, nor aggressive, or territorial. For them, the bigger the family, the better. 

Toy poodles have a long lifespan

As a toy poodle owner, you can consider yourself a very lucky pet parent. This is because your cuddly little breed not only is generally healthy, but also has a life expectancy of as long as more than 20 years, and this is on average. They do not have a lot of health considerations you might need to worry about, just give them the necessities to survive, and extra love and care will prepare you for a very long adventure. 

Toy poodles rarely shed 

These dogs will not give you an annoying time of leaving hair all over your carpets and furniture. While the coat of them is relatively shed-free, and this is a good dog for allergy sufferers, it still needs to be groomed. 


Costly and high maintenance grooming needs

Their unique, curly coat needs a lot of grooming maintenance. Grooming takes place monthly to maintain an optimum condition, and anything more than that may result in a damaged fur coat. 

Extremely dependent 

We all know how toy poodles love attention so much, that is why they also have grown to be dependent on their owner as well as their family. This can lead to always taking your dog in every decision, they must not be left or excluded as they do not like being alone. 

Toy poodles are not protective dogs 

Toy poodles are not aggressive, they cannot be bothered to fight for their owners, they are very friendly and, probably, will wave hello to strangers. However, on the bright side, they make good guard dogs! 

They can be hypersensitive 

Toy poodles are a sensitive breed of canine. Their high emotional intelligence can also mean not only picking their owner’s good mood, but also sad behaviors. If their owner is in a bad mood, they will also sense this and go be lethargic. They feel it all; they can be sad, depressed, excited, happy, overwhelmed, as well as jealous. These dogs also produce too much cortisol, or stress hormone, as compared to other dog breeds. 

But isn’t all that bad? To flip the situation, it translates that toy potholes very much resemble us, humans, as we are also capable of feeling things too much, and there are people thinking it is a fascinating trait to their toy poodle. 

So, what is the final verdict? Toy poodles sure are a very lovely dog to have. May this be your last encouragement to say yes to raising one of these pooches! 

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