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With their friendly, lively, and loyal temperament, beagles are a very popular dog choice. They are an inquisitive and active breed with plenty of energy for running around, and they like playing around too!

Your toys for beagles will enjoy having an assortment of toys to play with. Their active nature leads to them seeking entertainment when there’s nothing to do. This could lead to all sorts of trouble, as they chew through random things they see such as electrical cords, plastic cups, and even your shoes!

Toys for Beagles: Durable Toys

Due to their breed history tracing back to pack hunters, they can be a bit rough on their toys. Since your beagle will likely view the toy as either a treat or a target, it’s incredibly important that you choose strong durable toys that cannot be ripped apart easily.

The longevity of toys for beagles depends not only on the quality with which it was manufactured but also on how often your beagle chews on it. This is why it is wise if you have several toys on hand that your beagle can rotate through using. This way, the toys can hold up longer, as your beagle has alternatives to choose from.

Toys for beagles can play with just about anything, but just because they could doesn’t mean they should. The best toys for beagles are those that appeal to their natural characteristics.

Top Durable Dog Toys

If you want chew toys for beagles that are dog-safe and durable, there are plenty of options available in the market. From bouncing balls to chewy stick toys, there’s a wide range to choose from to keep your beagle active and entertained.

KONG is an American brand that manufactures and supplies very strong chew toys that can withstand even the most robust of chewers for quite some time. A popular choice among dog owners, KONG offers a wide variety of toy options made of different materials such as rubber and PolyTuff. There are also various features available such as noise-making to further stimulate your dog’s energy as they play and dental feature to strengthen your dog’s teeth.

GoughNuts, another American brand, makes super durable toys made of a couple of layers of dog-safe rubber. They offer dog toys in fun colors and shapes, with the donut shape being the most popular choice.

Here are other good options when you’re selecting your beagle’s toys.

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball is designed to mentally stimulate your toys for beagles. While they play, they can get treats too! Your beagle will learn how to play smarter for the treat to come out, and you can even adjust the difficulty level accordingly. Since beagles are bred hunters, they will appreciate not just being given the treats; having to work for it will make them feel more satisfied! The toy also helps in extending playtime, keeping your beagle occupied longer.

Chew King Premium Treat Dog Toy

This toy assures a long time of fun as your beagle play for hours in a quest to find the hidden treat inside. Not only is it an engaging toy but it is safe as well! Chemically tested to be non-toxic for your furry friend, it has no chemical smell and has safety air vents to protect your beagle’s tongue too. It is available in 3 sizes and made of natural rubber that can withstand robust chewing.

Booda Fresh N Floss Tug Rope Dog Toy

This tough and durable toy, made from wax-coated nylon will all-natural fibers, won’t fray against the toughest chewers. Thick and strong, your beagle can sink their teeth into this toy, but it’s soft enough to not compromise doggy teeth! You can play a gentle tug of war with your beagle after a meal using this toy; it will help remove the debris left from the food, making for better oral health.

Devil Dog Premium Elk Antlers

For a fun, exciting playtime, these toys will suit your beagle just fine. Perfect for puppies, these chew toys are organic, non-synthetic, all-natural, clean, and odorless. With materials sourced from the grounds of the Rocky Mountain region of the USA, these elk antler chews are of the highest quality and can last a long time, keeping your beagle happy and engaged. It’s an awesome choice especially for aggressive chewers.

Things to Remember

At the end of the day, you know what’s best for your toys for beagles. Tailor your beagle’s playtime and toys around the needs you see are arising. If you want your beagle to be trained professionally, then take the appropriate steps. If you’re happy enjoying casual walks or runs and playing with him depending on his mood, then that’s okay too! What matters is to forge a bond between you too, first by establishing trust and strengthening that trust through constant care and attention.

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