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Do barking spiders make good pets? Barking spiders can be good pets as long as you provide them with the right care. However, they are not advisable for first – time owners. They are also not ideal for owners with young children. Do barking spiders make good pets? Barking spiders are among the largest spider species in the world. They are also known as Bird – Eating Spiders or Whistling Spiders because of the sound they make when threatened. They are best suited for owners who already have an experience in keeping exotic animals or spiders in general. In this article, you’ll learn the answer to the question; do barking spiders make good pets?  

Do Barking Spiders Make Good Pets: Origin

Do barking spiders make good pets? Barking spiders are one of the most common tarantula species in the world. They are native in Australia, but they are considered as more ferocious compared to their American cousins. Most barking spiders have fangs that measure up to 8 mm long. They cannot be kissed or cuddled, and we advise you to also not handle them unless you absolutely need to.

Do barking spiders make good pets? What makes barking spiders awesome particularly for keepers who like exotic animals is because they make great display pets. These animals are also not high maintenance. You just need to provide them a nice terrarium, nutritious prey, and some peace! Just like most spider species, they don’t need attention and they prefer not to be handled. They are happiest when you leave them alone and just give them what they need. 

In the Wild vs. In Captivity

These creatures thrive in a more humid condition since they are native in the northern regions of Australia where it’s naturally hot. Barking spiders inhabit bases of large trees because that’s where they often forage for food. In the wild, their diet includes insects, small reptiles and rodents. Sometimes they also eat young chicks that have fallen from the nest which is why they are also known as bird – eating spiders.

Do barking spiders make good pets? In terms of physical characteristics, barking spiders come in dark brown color making it easier for them to camouflage in the forest. Some have a lighter grayish shade because they need to adapt to their environment. Barking spiders can measure up to 55 mm. Males are usually slimmer and smaller than females. Just like most spider species, they are covered with velvety hairs. They also have eight small eyes that are clump at the front of their head. These animals also have long legs and claws which help them move safely and freely if they need to climb smooth surfaces.

Do Barking Spiders Make Good Pets: Setting – Up Habitat

Do barking spiders make good pets? In the wild, there are various types of spider species that are native in Australia. The other cousins of barking spiders also range in the northern and southern parts of the country.


In captivity, barking spiders would need a glass terrarium that measures around 30 x 30 x 30 cm with a secure lid. This is the minimum requirement if you want to set up a habitat for a barking spider, or any other tarantula species. Keep in mind that you also need to provide a deep substrate (around 10 cm deep) because barking spiders love to burrow. This will allow them to be able to dig deep enough and set up holes and caves inside. You need to also provide hollow logs or hiding places that you can easily buy from pet stores. All of these things will make them feel safe and satisfied.

Substrate and Other Essentials

Do barking spiders make good pets? When it comes to the substrate, you should also make sure that you keep it dry on one side, and slightly damp on the other. This will provide your pet with a moisture gradient. Most tarantula species need high levels of humidity. Make sure that you mist the tank with water at least twice a week. You may also want to provide a layer of sphagnum moss as it could help in holding up the moisture inside the enclosure. You can also use red light during the day as this will encourage your pet to hide, making the terrarium also essential for display.

Do Barking Spiders Make Good Pets: Barking Spider Care

Do barking spiders make good pets? As mentioned earlier, Australian tarantulas come from the hot and humid regions of northern Australia and therefore will require an artificial heat source in their enclosure. Tarantula species are ectotherms which mean they are cold – blooded. You need to provide a heat cord, a heat mat, or an infrared heat lamp for large enclosures only. This equipment will provide an ideal temperature within your spider’s enclosure. The temperature should be around 22 to 28°C. Your pet also needs high humidity levels. Make sure to set it at around 60 to 80%. You can achieve this through misting the damp side of the soil every day. It’s also important to ensure that the substrate is moist. Make sure to not use excessive amounts of water as it could be a problem for your pet.

Cleaning the Cage

Do barking spiders make good pets? Barking spiders just like other most tarantula species are very efficient when it comes to the food that they consume. They are also clean animals making them easy to keep. You just to need clean their cage twice a month or more than that if need be. You can also wipe the glass using warm water, and use a paper towel to dry it out. You should also do a major cleaning every six months in order to replace the substrate with a new layer.  

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