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Your standard Schnauzer will need to get regular grooming needs every five to eight weeks. Most Schnauzer owners opt to employ the services of a professional groomer, because properly clipping the nails of an active Schnauzer can be tricky. Show dogs are hand-stripped, a time consuming process involving “ripping” the coat of the Schnauzer by hand, and is not a necessary grooming detail for dogs that will not be shown. It is crucial that you as owner brush your Schnauzer two to three times per week in order to prevent matting and tangling of its coat. As with all canines, and because they eat every day, the beard needs cleaning and grooming every day.

Check your Standard Schnauzer’s ears regularly for indications of wax buildup, infection or irritation. Use a cotton ball moistened with a vet-approved cleaner during downtime when your Schnauzer is tuckered out and relaxed. Brush its teeth on a weekly basis as this staves off plaque buildup and keeps bad breath at bay. Monthly trimming of nails is recommended if these done trim down naturally.

Your Schnauzer will need attentive brushing and grooming to maintain its coarse, harsh and wiry coat. Daily brushing also promotes proper distribution of essential skin oils to its skin. You will need to get a good and strong brush and pick up a reliable vacuum from the store. Don’t hold back and scrimp on these sundries because you and your Schnauzer will be using these for a long time to come.

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