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The Dalmatian is a medium to large breed, and in addition to that, they can become very boisterous. Therefore, if you live in an apartment or a small, cramp and cluttered space, you will need to rethink your decision in getting this breed. Even if you are ready to part with some of your possessions when the dog unintentionally breaks them, it still wouldn’t be fair to your dog to confine him in tight spaces. Spacious and uncluttered houses with yards or gardens are the ideal environment for a Dalmatian. They thrive best when they stay indoors with you. Do not leave your Dalmatian outside for long periods of time. Also, this breed isn’t suited to living outdoors during the cold seasons.

As you should already know, the Dalmatian requires vigorous and extensive exercise every day (sometimes even multiple times a day). They love to run so any activity that will allow them to run will suffice. If you go jogging, always be conscious to lead him and not the other way around because it will give him the impression that he is in charge. The Dalmatians are made to run long distances so they have great stamina and endurance and don’t get tired easily. However, during warmer temperatures, they will not show you signs of overheating so make sure you offer them hydration in regular intervals and have the good sense when to know that he’s had enough. Also consider the weather when taking your dog out for exercise. If it’s too hot, the pavement might hurt or damage his pads so you might want to opt for playing games in the yard instead.

To make your Dalmatian comfortable and to ensure that he feels at-home, you will need to provide him with certain things. A crate is one of the most important things you will need when you bring your new Dalmatian puppy home. Not only will it be a place for your puppy to sleep, but it will also be a place where you can confine him during the times when you are away from home or when you cannot keep a close eye on him. Your puppy will also need some other basic things like a water bowl, a food bowl, a collar, a leash, toys, and grooming supplies.

When shopping for food and water bowls, safety and sanitation are the top two considerations. Stainless steel is the best material to go with because it is easy to clean and resistant to bacteria. Ceramic is another good option. Heavy bowls are also a plus because the puppy will be unable to tip it over or push it across the floor which will save you from cleaning unnecessary mess. Avoid plastic food and water bowls because they can become scratched and the scratches may harbor bacteria. For your dog’s collar and leash, choose one that is appropriate to his size. This may mean that you will purchase several collars and leashes while your puppy is still growing. You might also consider a harness – this will be helpful during leash training because it will improve your control over your puppy and it will distribute pressure across his back instead of putting it all on his throat.

Provide your Dalmatian puppy with an assortment of different toys and let him figure out which ones he likes. Having a variety of toys around the house is very important because you’ll need to use them to redirect your puppy’s natural chewing behavior as he learns what he is and is not allowed to chew on. As for grooming supplies, you’ll need a rubber curry brush for daily brushing.

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