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General Appearance and Temperament – An outgoing, funny and intelligent.  It is a small but sturdy breed, with a unique, springy gait and a playful, spirited personality.  

Head and Neck – The skull of the head is broad and slightly rounded, with a moderate stop and flat cheeks.  The neck is slightly arched.

Eyes and Ears – The eyes are large, dark brown and almond-shaped, with solid black rims except for chocolate dogs who may have somewhat lighter brown eyes and solid brown rims at the eyes.  The ears are broad at the base, dropped, and with a distinct fold. 

Body and Tail – The chest is deep and well-developed, and the entire body is slightly longer than the height at the withers.  The tail is set high and arches up over the back, with a long, silky plume. A docked tail is cause for disqualification.

Legs, Feet and Gait – Elbows are tight to the body and forelegs are straight.  The hind legs are muscular.  The feet have arched toes and point straight ahead.  The gait is springy.

Coat and Color – Any coat color and skin color is accepted.  The coat itself is silky to the touch, soft and light in texture for both the outer and undercoat.  This is long, abundant and wavy, flowing with movement but allows the natural lines of the dog to be seen.  Causes for possible disqualification are a coarse, wiry coat and short coats, while flat, frizzy, single and curly coats are considered faults.  Corded coats are allowed.

Temperament – Friendly, playful, intelligent and alert, sweet and non-quarrelsome.  

Size – Ideally, the height should be from 9 to 10 1/2 inches, though 8 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches is also accepted.

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