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How do Teacup Yorkie give birth? When it comes to dog breeding, no matter what breed you choose, you need to be absolutely sure of your decision before you begin. Breeding dogs of any breed is a huge responsibility and it can take a financial toll on your family as well. How do Teacup Yorkie give birth? Unfortunately, many dog owners out there think that breeding their dogs is a good way to make some extra money. How do Teacup Yorkie give birth? The reality is, however, that by the time you pay for healthcare costs for your pregnant female and a litter of puppies, you will be lucky to come out even.

The Estrus Cycle

How do Teacup Yorkie give birth? The most important thing you need to learn about is the estrus cycle. This is the cycle also known as “heat” through which female dogs goes about twice a year. The cycle lasts for 14 to 21 days on average and it occurs about every 6 months once it becomes regular – it can take a few years for a dog to establish a regular cycle.

Swelling of the vulva for females – dogs may also excrete a bloody discharge at the start of the cycle, though many dogs do not develop this until the 7th day of the cycle. As your Teacup Yorkie’s cycle progresses, the discharge will become lighter in color until it is pink and watery by the 10th day of the cycle. In addition to this discharge, many female dogs start to urinate more frequently during their cycle – they might also develop urine marking behavior to attract male dogs.

Female Heat

A male dog can smell a female in heat from very great distances, so you need to be very careful to keep your female Teacup Yorkie indoors while she is in heat. When you take her outside, be sure to keep her on a leash and supervise her closely. Never take a female dog in heat to the dog park or to another location where intact male dogs may be present. If you intend to breed your Teacup Yorkie, you want to avoid any accidental mating.

When the discharge from your dog’s vulva becomes light in color and watery, this is likely when she will be the most fertile and when she will begin to ovulate – this generally happens around day 11 to 15 of the cycle. It is during this time that you want to introduce her to the male dog to make an attempt at breeding. If you introduce the dogs too early in the female’s cycle she might not be receptive to him. If she isn’t, just wait another day or two before trying again. Your Teacup Yorkie is technically capable of conceiving at any point during her cycle because the sperm from the male dog can survive in the reproductive tract for as long as 5 days.

Labor Stage #1

How do Teacup Yorkie give birth? By the eighth week of pregnancy you should start preparing yourself and your dog for the whelping. This is the time when you should set up a whelping box where your female dog can comfortably give birth to her puppies. Place the box in a quiet, dim area and line it with newspapers and old towels for comfort. The closer it gets to the whelping, the more time your dog will spend in the whelping box, preparing it for her litter.

Labor Stage #2

During the last week of your Teacup Yorkie’s pregnancy you should start taking her internal temperature at least once per day – this is the greatest indicator of impending labor. The normal body temperature for a dog is about 100°F to 102°F (37.7°C to 38.8°C). When your dog’s body temperature drops, you can expect contractions to begin within 24 hours or so. Prior to labor, your dog’s body temperature may drop as low as 98°F (36.6°C) – if it gets any lower, contact your veterinarian.

Labor Stage #3

How do Teacup Yorkie give birth? Once your Teacup Yorkie starts going into labor, you can expect her to show some obvious signs of discomfort. Your dog might start pacing restlessly, panting, and switching positions. The early stages of labor can often last for several hours and contractions may occur as often as 10 minutes apart. If your Teacup Yorkie has contractions for more than 2 hours without any of the puppies being born, contact your veterinarian immediately. Once your dog starts giving birth, the puppies will arrive about every thirty minutes following ten to thirty minutes of straining.

Labor Stage #4

After each puppy is born, the Teacup Yorkie will lick the puppy clean; it may even eat the umbilical cord because it is animal instinct. This also helps to stimulate the puppy to start breathing on his own. Once all of the puppies have been born, the mother will expel the rest of the placenta (the afterbirth) and then let the puppies start nursing. It is essential that the puppies begin nursing within one hour of being born because this is when they will receive the colostrum from the mother. Colostrum is the first milk produced and it contains a variety of nutrients as well as antibodies to protect the pups until their own immune systems have time to develop. In addition to making sure that the puppies are feeding, you should also make sure that the mother eats soon after whelping.

Labor Stage #5

Teacup Yorkie puppies are small in size; these puppies are also born blind, with their eyes and ears closed, so they are completely dependent on the mother for several weeks. Around 3rd week, the puppies will open their eyes and their ears will become erect sometime after. As the puppies grow, they will start to become increasingly active and the will grow very quickly as long as they are properly fed by the mother.

Labor Stage #6

How do Teacup Yorkie give birth? At six weeks of age is the time you should begin weaning puppies by offering them small amounts of puppy food soaked in water or broth. The puppies might sample small bits of solid food even while they are still nursing and the mother will general wean the puppies by week 8, with or without your help. If you plan to sell the puppies, be sure not to send them home unless they are fully weaned at least 8 weeks old. You should also take steps to start socializing the puppies from an early age to make sure they turn into well-adjusted adults.

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