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How to care for a Savannah kitten?  Just like adult cats, kittens have their own specific needs too including a place to sleep, bowls to eat in, and fun time. How to care for a Savannah kitten?  Preparing these before their arrival will save you much time and effort. It will also allow you to find the best ones for them with your budget. You see, any type of pet you intend to keep will definitely cost you additional expenses. However, the price to pay is usually no match for the happiness of owning a pet. How to care for a Savannah kitten?  Savannah cats are low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you can maintain them without extra effort! As a responsible pet owner, it is your task to know the ideal environment for this breed to keep them feeling happy and secure in your home.

Adult Cats vs. Kittens

How to care for a Savannah kitten?  Kittens in general are cute, charming, and need lots of care and attention. It can be compared to raising a toddler. It’s a much bigger responsibility if you choose to acquire a kitten because you will need to train them, provide them with the vaccines they need, and socialize them well enough so that they will grow up to be well – mannered adult cats.

There could be a lot more responsibility when you acquire a kitten but it will surely be a rewarding experience because you will get to see him/ her grow, you’ll be a part of your cat’s life, and will become more bonded as the years go by.

Training Your Savannah Kitten

How to care for a Savannah kitten?  Kittens are easier to train and socialize, whether you will train it to use a litter box or teach them various tricks. They are also less prone to trouble as they will not get tangled in cods, fall from high places, or be as curious as an adult cat. Kittens are generally easier to introduce to people, fellow cats, or other household pets. Having kittens can also be beneficial to your health and emotional well – being. It can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Getting kittens could teach you and your little children about daily responsibility, because there are a lot of things you need to take care of kittens.

In addition to this, kittens can help you in your social life as they can pave the way in establishing new connections with fellow pet owners within your area. As for the disadvantages, if you get a very young kitten, you may need to bottle feed it. You will also need to get all the vaccines and booster shots throughout its first year which can be both expensive and time – consuming.

Kitten Essentials

How to care for a Savannah kitten?  Cat patios are structures that provide protection for your cat especially if they are staying outdoors. This is a perfect solution for your cat to enjoy the sights and sounds of the world outside while keeping it safe. If you’re having second thoughts about allowing your cat outdoors, building a cat patio will provide the “outside world” that it needs.

In addition to that it will also provide benefits such as reduction of veterinary bills due to contracted illnesses and injuries from the outdoors, and it will also give your cat a healthier lifestyle because it can do sunbathing, watch birds, have exercise opportunities, and inhale fresh air. Cat patios also lessen indoor odors by providing another litter box in the enclosure and it can also help reduce the free – roaming cat population in the neighborhood.

DIY Cat Turf

How to care for a Savannah kitten?  Setting up an enclosure entails your time, effort, and additional costs. You can either hire a builder and designer, or you can Do – It – Yourself (DIY). You can check available supplies with your local hardware store and start building.

Find a spot that you cat can easily access like a door, an existing window or a patio where you can build a cat door. You need to also make sure that the location you choose won’t be too warm because exposure to direct sunlight during the hottest periods of the day could be harmful to your Savannah cat. You also need to be able to access the enclosure for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Make sure to consider the age and condition of your pet. This will help you decide what type of furniture you need to install in the enclosure. Ramps are also ideal for Savannah cat cats.  Bigger or more elaborate enclosures could look nice, but keep in mind that you’ll be having other expenses for food, grooming, supplies, and vet visits which mean you need to consider your budget so that you won’t blow all of it on an enclosure.

Cat Furniture

How to care for a Savannah kitten?  Any kitten or cat will absolutely like anything soft. You may opt for a pillow or a cat bed. Consider the size of your cat when buying bedding. A bed that is too large might leave your pet feeling unsettled. On the other hand, a bed that is too small will ultimately be uncomfortable. As for the cat furniture, you should provide scratch posts or pads, cat trees or something that can provide an outlet for their jumping instincts. These types of furniture will allow your cat to express their natural behaviors such as leaving marks on their territory and climbing. Costs depend on the type you want, but cat furniture prices usually start at around $20 while the price of bedding may vary depending on the size, quality, brands, or design you prefer.

Cat Bowls

The best type of bowls especially if you acquired a Savannah kitten is the shallow ones because it allows easy access to their food and water. There are many types of bowls to choose from, and plastic is the most popular. However, this material is known to retain smells that the cat may find foul and may discourage them from finishing their food. In some cases, cats that are allergic to plastic end up having a type of cat acne on their chin. The most recommended type of food bowl is stainless steel because it is sturdy and generally harmless for cats. Steel bowls are often dishwasher safe, which could help busy owners save time.

How to care for a Savannah kitten?  Make sure to keep the food bowls clean and rinse them regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria. It will cost you around $3 for a single bowl and around $6 for a set of 2 bowls. Depending on your cat’s personality, you can either choose a hooded litter box from privacy or a plain plastic tray for those who don’t enjoy feeling boxed. Cats tend to do their potty business in the same areas, unlike dogs that need to be walked until they find an ideal area. This is why you need to get your cat a litter box.

Litter Boxes

How to care for a Savannah kitten?  There a lot of types if litter boxes depending on your budget; and your preferences. There is even an automated poop handler that could do the dirty work for you. There are various types of cat litter such as clumping and non – clumping clay, wheat, recycled paper, grass, corn – based litter; walnut shells (crushed), gel crystals to name a few. The most common type of litter available in the groceries is clumping-cat litter; it is highly – absorbent, although it tends to be a bit dusty. The cost of cat litter usually starts at $15.

You need to also make sure that you maintain your cat’s litter box. What you can do is fill it up with about 2 to 3 inches so that your pet can dig through it and learn to cover its waste. Make sure to scoop out the waste at least twice a day. Some cats would not use a soiled litter box so in order to prevent them from doing their business elsewhere, ensure to keep their litter tray clean. Dispose the soiled litter properly by putting it in an appropriate garbage bag. Avoid using their poop as fertilizer because it will surely attract other cats, flies, insects etc. 

Stimulating Toys

How to care for a Savannah kitten?  Stock up on toys so that you and your family can bond with your pet. Playtime is very important for a kitten’s development and it can be therapeutic for humans too. You can buy any type of cat toy you wish, just remember to avoid buying those with parts than can cause choking or strangling. There are a lot of cheap cat toys in the stores and online, so you don’t have to worry about spending much on them. What you can do is to get a couple of them and rotate it so that your cat will not get bored easily with it. It’s also best to consider what kind of toy your pet prefers.

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