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When you start the grooming technique, make sure to use a Number 10 blade as well as an E – comb.


  • Start shaving the hair at the base of your Labradoodle’s skull and work your way down from there – through its body, legs and down on its back as well as the sides and its tummy.
  • Once you get to the rump or your dog’s back portion, you should make sure that you pull back its tail inwards or between its legs before combing the back side to make sure you’re smoothing out any curly hairs


  • Use a thinning shear or a straight scissors to avoid blood clots in the eye
  • Just carefully cut the corner of the eyes (about ½ inch down) both on the right and left side so that it is clean

and well – blended


  • Comb the hair in the ears downward
  • Back Portion: Using your straight scissors carefully cut the hair on the ears starting on its back portion until the tip of your Labradoodle’s ear.
  • Front Portion: Cut the hair halfway down the ear and make sure that you don’t cut it too far the ear and remove too much hair
  • Ear Tip: Cut the hairs found on the tip of the ear and just curve it or shaped it


  • Top: Comb your dog’s hair back resembling a ponytail; put your fingers in an angle just about 1 inch off the base of your dog’s skull.
  • Front/Bangs: Comb your entire dog’s hair forward, and using your thinning shears, just cut an inverted V – shape above your dog’s nose or between its eyes to expose the clean look of your dog’s eye.

Cutting Hairs in Your Dog’s Sanitary Portion

  • You will use again the Number 10 blade, make your dog stand up and hold its front legs so you can easily access their bellies and private areas and do a haircut underneath.
  • Make sure to carefully clip underneath its belly and in between the legs in its private parts.
  • When clipping its bum area, be careful not to clip too short and not too far off the tail to not expose their rectum portion too much.

Paws and Foot

  • Before cutting it up, you should first comb all the hair on its foot and around the paw pads downwards
  • Turn your Labradoodle’s foot over to be able to cut that area using the Number 10 blade
  • Be careful in cutting the hair on its paws as to not expose too much of the foot underneath
  • After doing that in all of its paws, make sure to brush the hair down again to straighten it out and also clip using scissors all the remaining hair around its paws to make sure that it is nice and clean.


  • Comb all the hair forward, and using your shears just cut the hair that are longer and seems irregular in its muzzle to its beard. This could shape your dog’s nose and clean it up.
  • Make sure to also clip the excess hairs or uneven hairs to tidy up your entire grooming process.

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