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You might be eyeing a new pet dog, or want to completely start your dog petting journey. What a great idea to start it off by getting one of the most popular breeds not just in the United States; but all over the world. This is none other than, golden retrievers. These golden rays of sunshine and fluff ball of sunshine; yes both figuratively and literally, are the sweetest dogs you will ever encounter, and you will be giving yourself a great, meaningful; happier life once you start owning one of them. 

To help you decide whether or not you are compatible with a golden retriever; let us have a discussion about all of the essential facts you should know about them. This way, you are guided and certain if it is for you, and if it is not; then we’ll take a look at other breeds of dogs!

Physical Characteristics and Personality Overview 

They are known, of course, as their name suggests by their golden and impressively shiny coats. These yellow and brownish in color coats have perfectly made life to the whole other parts of their body. It has complemented their expressive happy eyes, their pointy wet noise; their short fluffy set of ears, and their straight muzzle. Golden retrievers or goldens for short are built with a medium boy size, and they are muscular and compact. They have the ideal size of tails and feet and in synchronicity, their whole being moves harmoniously; with smooth, powerful gait and their feather tail conducting as what we called a merry action. Seeing them, in person; will make you giggle in happiness as their silly effortless movements immediately turn into a wonderful sight to see. 

Wonders Never Cease

Generally knowing them, they do have lots of wonders to offer. Firstly, they can be utilized as hunting dogs, as they have great retrieving games. Secondly, they are great for search-and-rescue, as they have a keen sense of smell, which also works great when they are tasked to smell contrabands in law enforcement. Thirdly, they are effective guides for blind persons; as they are good with following directions, memorizing places, and an effective protector for dangers. They have yet to be utilized as therapy dogs because their endearing sweet demeanor seems to be helpful, and calming; perfect for patients and physicians and veterinarians are looking for that possibility. 

With their personality, they really speak versatility, skillful, intelligent, and just the most lovable, caring; faithful dog you will ever own. Goldies are the standard American family pet, as they go along well with toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, and our elderly. They will offer your family protection; faithfulness while delighting yourselves in how they will express their love and affection for you. They are very sweet and love affection and connection. These dogs are social butterflies and will get along, be it with another pet, of its kind or not, or with strangers; they still haven’t met. They are really that wonderful. 

Now that we have established their sense of self and who they really are, we have listed all the things you should know before petting one of them, keep on reading. 

Golden Retrievers are high energy dogs 

They are active dogs, sporty will make the right term. They need up to two hours of physical stimulation every day; or otherwise, they will develop negative behavioral problems or cause them to utilize their energy in bad habits. 

Golden Retrievers shed a lot

Their coats are double-coated; they shed massive dead hairs twice a year, and bearable occasional dead hair once or twice a week. With this in mind, you have to prepare yourself for always making time in grooming them or else, you will be inconvenienced. 

Golden Retrievers are fond of eating anything. 

From dinner on their bowls to treats they adore, to toys, papers and crayons. Their curiosity gets the best out of them sometimes. They also do not recognize if they are already full, so owners need to accurately measure their foods; and be immune to those eyes that please when they still want to eat, despite being full already. 

Golden Retrievers are known for having a soft mouth. 

When they are picking up objects, they do it with ease. Give it a ball, and when they pick it up, it would not have a dent to it. Their mouths are so soft that it is believed that they can pick up a raw egg in their mouth and not crack it open. 

Golden Retrievers shine in competitions. 

This is because they are athletic in nature, and with their intelligence, they can easily stand out in dog competitions such as obedience, dock diving, and agility. Want to have a running partner? Goldens will not fail you, more off, they will beat you. 

Golden Retrievers do not need much to be happy.

Golden retrievers live their life with so much calm, and excitement. They are happy when they see their owners be it playing or silently observing. They are happy to play, even with the most mundane things. These dogs are happy when they see a baby, a child, a stranger, a friend that is visiting, food, and many more. 

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