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Step 1: Pick up your hedgehog gently by scoop him up from the belly. You want to feel fur and avoid its quills. Once you have it securely in your hand, you want to use your other hand to support its back.

Step 2: Stay calm and allow it time to relax. If it curls up into a ball, be patient. Keep in mind that it feels your emotions and if it should get agitated and try to explore you, keep calm.

Step 3: You need not wear gloves whilst handling your pet. Its quills may appear thorny but they are not very sharp or dangerous. You want your pet to get used to you or your odor and become comfortable around you. Just remember to be gentle. Talk to it and allow it to get used to your voice as well.

Step 4: Bedding, dirt, food remnants or other matter could get lodged in its quills, or your pet may just be plain dirty and need a good bath. You will need to get some towels and a toothbrush. A sink is a good place to give your hedgie a bath. Shampoo isn’t always needed but it absolutely calls for it, your pet can have a few drops of animal shampoo in the water.

Step 5: Fill the sink with warm water (about 1 inch). You do not want to fill the sink too deep. Make sure the water is not too hot. Slowly lower your pet in the sink and wet its back gently with the warm water. Avoid getting your pet’s eyes, face, and ears wet, use a moist towel instead to reach and clean these areas.

Step 6: Use the toothbrush to gently scrub its quills. Reach under it gently to wash the fur on his belly. If you used any shampoo you would want to empty the sink, replace it with clean, warm water to rinse your pet. Of course, remember to remove it from the sink whilst replacing the warm water.

Step 7: Once finished remove your hedgehog from the water, place it on a towel and wrap it up. Gently dry it and eliminate as much water as possible. A second towel will be needed if the first one gets too damp since you want your hedgie to be completely dry before putting it back in its cage.

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