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How to keep an African Grey parrot? Well first of all, you need a clean, warm and mentally stimulating environment. How to keep an African Grey parrot? As a potential owner you need to have knowledge of its habitat requirements and environmental conditions to ensure that your bird is healthy. In this article, you’ll learn how to keep an African Grey parrot?

How to Keep African Grey Parrot: Parrot Cages

How to keep an African Grey parrot? An iron parrot cage that is large and rust – free is the best home for a pet African grey. The ideal size of cage for an African Gray parrot is 2 feet deep by 3 feet wide by 4 feet high. Never purchase a round cage. The basic rule of thumb is – the bigger the better! The spacing between the bars of the cage should be no wider than ¾ of an inch. Of course, if the bars are too far apart, your grey might try to squeeze through them because they are naturally curious and they can get stuck.

How to keep an African Grey parrot? Your parrot’s cage could affect the health of your pet so it’s very important that you check it daily for any dirt, like the feces and spoiling food left in perches and cups to prevent health problems. You should also change the cage paper every other day as well as check the metal parts & bars of your bird’s cage periodically for chipped paint and rust, because your bird will most likely chew or swallow the flaked pieces. You should be able to clean the cage thoroughly at least once every month.

Cage Location

How to keep an African Grey parrot? After finding a cage you have to find the ideal place in your home as well. The cage should be placed in a fairly centered room, where there is interaction with people so that the bird will feel part of the flock. The back of the cage should be located against a wall to provide security otherwise it will feel threatened and nervous if it is in direct traffic. The cage should not be placed near the main entrance door of the house because it will feel threatened and nervous if it is in direct traffic and it would also feel disturbed and uncomfortable with new strangers.

How to Keep African Grey Parrot: What Your Parrot Needs

How to keep an African Grey parrot? Having different types of perches will surely exercise the feet to prevent sores and foot related health issues. You will need a good supply of packaged pellet diet, to be mixed with seed. Then you can slowly convert your bird’s diet to a majority of pellet and fresh food.

How to keep an African Grey parrot? African Grey needs more calcium than any other parrots. You should provide a good supplement such as cuttlebone, calcium treat or oyster shell. Avoid sugary treats like honey sticks and human junk food. Feed it treats like Nutriberries or Avi-Cakes.

You should also purchase at least 3 different toys. It will allow you to interchange them in your grey’s cage to prevent boredom. Sometimes everyone needs to have fun! And don’t forget to buy at least 3 sturdy dishes; one for fresh water, one for pellet or seed mix and one for fresh foods.

Environmental Conditions

Your average room temperature for your bird should not exceed 80 degrees. Avoid drafty areas that will get direct heat from sun for any portion of the day. Parrots also have tetra-chromic vision, that’s why a full color light bulb must be present in the cage area. The incandescent or monochromatic light bulbs usually found in households are not a good choice for your bird.

Cover the cage during nighttime; it blocks out any excess light and also creates a more secure sleeping place. Be careful when using fabrics as cover because your bird might rip it with its claws or beak and could likely eat it. Never ever place the cage in the kitchen or somewhere near cooking fumes because African grey are very sensitive, that even a small amount of smoke can be fatal.

Grooming and Hygiene

How to keep an African Grey parrot? When it comes to grooming and hygiene, you need to provide a misting bottle or a birdbath. All birds should be gently misted with a water bottle. Never spray the bird directly in its face. It’s important that you keep an eye in your bird while it is bathing. Bathe your grey often with clean water. Distilled water is sometimes required. Speak to your veterinarian on the best choice of water for your bird. During its misting and bathing procedures, make sure there are no drafts because it can cause respiratory issues. It may chill your bird when he is wet. Use towels and blankets, but be careful because it can catch the bird’s nails and beaks in their threads.

To ensure that the oils from their skin glands, disease organisms or items such as lotions and hand creams do not transfer to your bird’s feathers, wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly before handling your grey. Your bird may be ill if it seems to stop grooming and becomes dirty. Once you see this signs, contact your avian veterinarian immediately. We hope this article answered your question, how to keep an African Grey parrot? Stay tune for more posts!

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