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How to socialize your Yorkie Poo? The first few weeks of your Yorkie Poo puppy’s life are incredibly important. Not only is this when you will establish a bond with him, but it is also when he is the most impressionable. How to socialize your Yorkie Poo? Socialization is essential for puppies when they are young because the experiences they have during this impressionable period will determine who they are as an adult. How to socialize your Yorkie Poo? If your puppy isn’t properly socialized, he might turn into a shy and timid adult dog who responds to new people and unfamiliar situations with fear or uncertainty instead of normal curiosity. Fortunately, socialization for Yorkie Poo dogs is easy to grasp.

Socializing Tips

Tip #1:

Introduce your puppy/dog to friends in the comfort of your own home where your puppy/dog feels safe. Take your dog with you to the pet store or to a friend’s house so that it experiences new locations. Expose your puppy/dog to people of different sizes, shapes, gender, and skin color.

Tip #2:

Just supervise the kids to make sure they handle the puppy/dog safely. Take your puppy/dog with you in the car when you run errands, make them part of your daily routine as much as possible. Expose your puppy/dog to loud noises such as fireworks, cars backfiring, loud music, and thunder. It will get used to it eventually.

Tip #3:

Introduce your puppy/dog to various appliances and tools such as blenders, lawn mowers, vacuums, etc. Play with your puppy/dog using different kinds of toys and experiment with different kinds of food and treats to also see its preferences.

What Comes to After Socialization

How to socialize your Yorkie Poo? After socialization, housetraining is probably one of your most important tasks as a dog owner. While your Yorkie Poo puppy is still young, he will not be physically capable of holding his bladder or bowel movements. Making sure to take your puppy outside very frequently (as often as once an hour) will help to reduce the frequency of accidents until your puppy is old enough for housetraining. The most effective method for housetraining a puppy is crate training. 

Housebreaking Tips #1

Get your puppy used to the crate by tossing treats into it and feeding him his meals in the crate. Eventually your puppy should be comfortable enough with the crate to take naps in it with the door open. Start closing the door to the crate while your puppy is inside and leave him there for a few minutes.

Housebreaking Tips #2

Gradually increase the length of the confinement until your puppy can remain calm in the crate for at least 30 minutes. Start housetraining by selecting a certain area of the yard where you want your puppy to do his business. Take your puppy to that area each time you take him outside and give him a verbal command like “go pee”.

Housebreaking Tips #2

When your puppy does his business in the area, praise him excitedly and offer a reward to reinforce the behavior. Keep your puppy in the same room as you at all times when you are at home and supervise him closely. Take your puppy outside every hour or two, especially after naps and within 30 minutes after a meal. If your puppy does not do his business when you take him out, take him right back inside and try again in 30 minutes.

Training Your Yorkie Poo

How to socialize your Yorkie Poo? In addition to socializing your new Yorkie Poo puppy you should also begin training as soon as possible. Yorkie Poos are very intelligent and eager to learn, although at times they may be witty and stubborn so starting with training early will increase your chances of having a well-behaved and obedient adult dog. When it comes to dog training, there are many different methods to choose from.

Training Tip #1

Sit Command is a method of training hinges on your dog’s natural desire to please. In essence, you train your dog to repeat desired behaviors by rewarding him for doing them. For example, if you want your dog to sit when you give him the “Sit” command, teach him what the command means and then reward him each time he responds to the command appropriately. Positive reinforcement training is one of the most popular and effective dog training methods.

Training Tip #2

Clicker training is a type of training is a version of positive reinforcement training and it is highly popular. The key to success with positive reinforcement training lies in helping your dog to identify the desired behavior – that is where the clicker comes in. You go through the normal process of training, giving your dog a command and guiding him to perform the desired behavior. Then, as soon as he displays the behavior you click the clicker and immediately issue a reward – this helps your dog to learn more quickly which behavior it is that you desire. You should only use the clicker during the first few repetitions of a training sequence until your dog learns what the desired behavior is – you don’t want him to become dependent on the clicker to perform that behavior.

Training Tip #3

How to socialize your Yorkie Poo? This type of training is almost the opposite of positive reinforcement training – rather than rewarding your dog for performing desired behaviors, you punish him for performing unwanted behaviors. The punishment used doesn’t have to be violent or cruel – it can be as simple as withdrawing your attention to teach your dog to stop whining.

Give your dog the opposite of what he wants to curb the negative behavior in question. This type of training is more effective as a method for curbing negative behaviors than for teaching positive behaviors. This type of training was made popular by the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan. Milan believes that dogs are natural pack animals and that dog owners must establish themselves as the leader of the dog’s “pack”. This means that you must make your dog submissive to you so he will submit to your will. Alpha dog training involves things like never letting the dog walk through the door before you, or waiting to feed your dog until after you have eaten. Although this training method works for some people, it is not endorsed by the ASPCA and other animal rights groups. If you want to know more about the Yorkie Poo breed, check out the video below:

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