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Is bouvier – des – flanders the right dog for you? The bouvier des flanders now finds its way into the hearts of many because of the strong traits it has. Considered to be a loyal and fierce protector of the stock and family it knows; it also continues to flank law and military personnel. Is bouvier – des – flanders the right dog for you? Bouviers are by nature a very protective sort of canine; and this will become truly apparent without the proper socialization and training.

It is highly advised and strongly recommended for anyone who wants to take in; and raise one of these boisterous pups to enroll it in a puppy kindergarten which uses positive reinforcement during training. Is bouvier – des – flanders the right dog for you? The young bouvier de flanders will need a strong structure of training; and schooling in order to be able to curb and avoid seeming disobedience and misbehavior.

Keeping Bouvier – des – Flanders Dogs as Pets

Is bouvier – des – flanders the right dog for you? These are smart dogs not to be underestimated; they will take over the household and you if you do not take early measures of presenting yourself as alpha of the pack. Establish yourself as the boss of the household while you can carry the little pup. Little bouviers can be loud and opinionated that is not afraid of rough play and will get into it if the opportunity presents itself.

As much as bouviers love and go well with children it is not recommended to leave. Taking it out for frequent trips outdoors where it can come across the world; meeting other dogs as well as humans, where they can explore and investigate, hear noises and smell new scents; is an ideal way of initiating and founding its socialization. These are experiences that will teach these highly intelligent dogs of appropriately honing their protective instinct and nature.

Physical Aspects

The tremendous body strength of the bouvier des flanders displays itself in its compact, muscular and well-proportioned physique. Its sure footedness; and display of confidence is a picture of a dog to reckon with when faced down by what it would perceive as a threat to itself or its humans. A rough and tough machine, the bouvier looks every bit the confident working dog it is. Bred to be versatile working farm canines; the bouvier de flanders can do the job as a cattle herder, a security canine or a draft dog.

Body and Coat

The mustachioed and bearded canine has a sturdy head that is bold and striking. Its expression is attentive and alert. It has a hardy composition that is able to adjust and adapt to harsh conditions. Its coat has the appearance and touch of being wiry, harsh; and dry but the undercoat of the bouvier de flanders is very fine in texture.

Bred for Valor

The watchful and ever attentive Bouvier is a very active canine; and is described to be a self-assured dog in breed standards. This canine sort is well-noted to show readiness for learning and a propensity for carrying out its purpose. They are innately curious about all things and everyone around them, which makes them excellent investigators. They are top-notch security dogs and have worked beside men of valor in many, countless missions.

The Bouviers Personality

Is bouvier – des – flanders the right dog for you? This muscular dog from Brussels possesses a pleasing personality who likes to live an active lifestyle and would suit anyone who chooses to do the same. They are a calm, gentle sort who does well and can behave indoors with the proper training and early schooling. Devoted and loyal to their humans, the bouvier de flanders is a protective canine who will step between peril and their human without skipping a beat.

An Independent Dog

They can be a domineering canine if not set in its place. A naturally independent canine, you will need to remind it who is master of the household or be the one lead around with an invisible leash. It has a courageous nature and a steady personality. They are an obedient bunch but will need to get into proper socialization early in order to develop those instincts of being able to tell who is friend and foe. They have a tendency to bark at people they don’t know as well as dogs they may meet. It is an obedient dog but may show aggression toward strangers.

Outdoor Pets

The bouvier de flanders is certainly a breed who is made for the outdoors and will thrive best not only in the confines of your four walls. This canine is meant to be able to live indoors and needs a lot of outside time as well. Bred to work, the bouvier needs constant if not a lot of exercise. It is the perfect companion canine for those long treks, hikes, walks and jogs. Keeping it on a strict exercise regimen is highly advisable in order to allow it to thrive at its optimum level of mental and physical prowess. As much as the bouvier de flander is a versatile dog who has gained great popularity as a show dog. In spite of it being a crowd and judge pleaser at dog shows, the true to form bouvier is still a favourite animal-helper on farms, doing what they do best – herding.

Versatile Dog

Is bouvier – des – flanders the right dog for you? The bouvier de flanders has been, and up to this day, continues to be a breed choice to utilize as a working dog at countryside farms. The canines were apparently utilitarian. The first bouviers were quite versatile, hauling carts for butchers. They drove and guarded cattle herds for merchants. It easily found a role to play on the family farm, making good any work necessary, from operating grist mills to securing and defending the farm property from intruders.

A Dog on a Mission

They are especially applauded for their courageous contributions to police work and military operations. Its fortitude is unshakable and best around dangerously trying jobs like apprehending a criminal, search and rescue missions as well as detecting illegal and smuggled drugs.  In addition, many bouviers have served as military canines ever since they were found to be such effective scout partners. They are trained to secure and patrol high-risk areas as they are utilized to give warning to soldiers for booby traps, or other hazards which may spell mortal danger to their troops. A good lot of these dogs were taken in by foreign servicemen who became impressed by the intelligence loyalty and obedience of the bouvier.  

Are You Ready to Keep a Bouvier?

Is bouvier – des – flanders the right dog for you? Bouvier de flanders is a compact and powerful canine with lean, muscular and tough looking physique. It is sure-footed and observed to be precise in its gait. It is known to be fearless and protective. A hardworking and efficient farm hand, it is agile, bold and spirited yet can be utterly well-behaved and serene as well. This beautiful enigma of a dog with its many wonderful traits makes for a great companion and family addition because it is one of the most loyal to its kindred.

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