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Your pigeon and doves a high sense of reproductive drive. Most of the time, this breed would remain indoors, this would make them ideal for pigeon auctions. In the whole, the tropic or the sub-tropic species are very easy to breed. It is easy to remember that the members of this family are monogamous. It will mate for life. But, they might take on another mate if something happens to their mate, such as the removal of which. In most cases, the male would kill its mate, however, before we go into this topic, we need to know the process of pigeon auction to fully know all the factors:


Dove and pigeon breeding requires finding a sound compatible pair. Most pigeon auctions, also considering the doves, are not easily sexed though some of these are dimorphic. This means that each sex has distinctive markings that would separate the male from the female. If there is no visual obviousness between the sexes, you can determine it surgically, using endoscopy. The process can be done by many veterinarians or through DNA testing. Usually, a blood sample or just a few plucked feathers are sent to a lab to be diagnosed.

Most of the time, breeders will keep their birds in a pen together. They will do this until after the first molt, in this process, they will pick their own mate. This process usually works, however, what you think is a pair could be a bird of the same sex. If your pair lays more than three or more eggs, you most probably have two hens.

For pigeon and dove breeding you will need a sound compatible pair. Many doves and pigeon auctions are not easily sexed though there are a few species that are dimorphic, having distinctive markings differentiating the male from the female. If the sex is not visually obvious, it can be determined by either a surgical probe, endoscopy, which can be done by many veterinarians or by a DNA testing, usually a blood sample or a few plucked feathers sent to be diagnosed in a lab.

Most breeders will keep young birds in a pen together until after the first molt and let them pick their own mate. This usually works, though sometimes what you think is a pair is two of the same sex. If a pair lays three or more eggs, then you have two hens.


Your pigeon auction birds are known for building a very flimsy nest. When they are in the wild, they will construct a nest or even a platform using grasses, twigs, leaves, and even a few roots.

They would usually do this on a rocky ledge or even in the branches of trees or shrubs, but sometimes they would just use old nest of other birds such as doves or pigeons.

A lot of species could provide you with a nest platform or a shallow box, basket, or pan. You should provide a nest box as a hole for your nesting birds. The materials for nesting of smaller species typically include coconut fibers, moss, and even grass hay.

For bigger species, you can use pieces of willow, twigs, straw, moss, and birch. Put half the nest with materials and puts some on the platform in order to encourage the nesting phenomenon. Both of the bird parents should help in building the nest to some degree.

Egg Laying and Hatchlings

Your female bird would generally lay around two eggs and both parents would incubate these for 13 to 19 days. However, female mostly do this task. Usually, there is one of each sex if both eggs hatch the hatchlings. They are fed by their parents on special food which we call crop milk for the first four to five days. This crop milk will be mixed with other solid food. The crop milk is a combination of partially digested food as well as a curd-like substance that came from the parents’ crop. The young one would fledge for around 12 to 20 days. You should provide plenty of water for both of the parents especially when they are feeding their young.

Pigeon – Dove Breeding Problems

You could encounter difficulties when you are breeding a very young pair. Breeding some species such as the Bleeding-heart pigeon are very difficult to breed or they might abandon their eggs or even hatchling. For this matter, you need to successfully foster these eggs or young to other birds that are not so good about breeding but are good parents. This could probably work if your egg or hatchling is around four to five days of the foster parents own. You should ensure that they have a similar diet as well as similar in size. Some recommended foster parents include Diamond Dove, Barbary Dove, Spotted, Dove, Senegal Dove, and some other pigeon auction birds.

Because of their very high reproductive drive, there could be hybridization from cross-breeding two species if you have a community aviary. You need to take necessary precaution to avoid cross breeding with other breeds that you do not want.  

Pigeon Auction Rules

The rules for the pigeon auction typically starts with a minimum bid. The starting bid should be equal or exceed the minimum of the starting bid. If possible, you need to set a maximum bid. Your breed should be automatically increased. The bid would increase after increasing to up to the maximum bid that you have settled. The pigeon auction can be extended within eight minutes before the end of the auction, then, they will close for 8 minutes with this pigeon extension. The winner for this specified pigeon auction is the highest bidder at the end of the auction. The final arbiter by the end of the auction is the server clock. 

Pigeon Auction Payment

When the auction is over, both the buyer and seller would receive an email with the necessary information about the sale completion. The buyer will receive the dove if the full amount is already received. Direct payment checks or bank transfers are not accepted as a course of payment. The buyers lose the right for the pigeon if s/he still hasn’t paid the buyer after seven days. Both the EPW and the seller would take the necessary steps.

If the pigeons are not immediately picked up, the buyer would pay for the transportation cost. In this way, the transport service can be arranged. The responsible person for all the details in the pigeon auction information is the seller.

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