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Brushing Your Boxer’s Tooth

Show me an animal who enjoys brushing and we’d have seen the 1% of the minority of pets who enjoy a good mouth cleaning. However unpopular this activity is, it something that you will need to mind because like most pets – and humans – your Boxer dog will be prone to health problems if proper oral hygiene is not practiced.

For successful future tooth brushing, start off your Boxer while it is a pup. Incorporating grooming practices early allows your new Boxer to get used to these activities and become routine.

Choose the proper toothbrush and dog-approved toothpaste on your new buddy. Substituting dog toothpaste for human toothpaste will introduce chemicals that could be toxic to your furry pal. Brushing twice or thrice a week is good however, although daily brushing would still be ideal.


Dog chews are ideal to help keep your Boxers mouth clean. Major benefits have been derived from using quality dental chews. Tartar, plaque and food bits are removed with the chewing action and does a really good job of keeping a canine’s mouth clean. Grade A chews keep the Boxers breath smelling fresh and keeps from future buildup of food-debris.

Make sure you look up the ingredients used in making the chews as some can contain fat and excessive calories your Boxer will not need.

Food for Your Boxer Dog

The overall nutrition of any living being hinges on the quality of food intake, a balanced diet, and the amount and manner of consumption. Introduce quality food that will allow the canine to thrive and live a healthy life. Remember to give it the nutritional needs it requires. A healthy dog grows with healthy teeth.

Is the next chapter we shall discuss the nutritional needs and foods you should give your new canine for it to thrive.

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