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One of the major draws of keeping either a wallaby or a wallaroo as a pet is their exotic nature. At the same time, however, that can be considered a drawback.

Pros of Wallaby and Wallaroo as Pets 

  • If properly socialized, can be very friendly
  • Can be trained to follow simple commands
  • Commercial diets are available for easy feeding
  • Are often very affectionate with humans, form strong bonds
  • Unique pets, always entertaining to have around
  • Joeys can be hand-raised on formula
  • Very gentle by nature, especially if properly socialized around humans

Cons of Wallabies and Wallaroos as Pets 

  • Depending on species, can grow fairly large
  • Can become mischievous, may do some damage if not properly supervised
  • Require a significant amount of space– a fenced pen or pasture is necessary
  • Can be very expensive to purchase and keep compared to other pets
  • Some species are nocturnal, may not be very active during the day

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