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Budgerigar birds, or also commonly called “budgie” are some of the most popular pet birds to own and care for. It is because of their charismatic aura, known for being lovable; affectionate with a delightful friendly personality; that I am sure, you will not resist as well. 

They have earned their name for being a great low-maintenance yet very fulfilling pet. They are excellent starter birds to raise, according to aviculturists and most bird enthusiasts; and if you are planning to own one or are a complete beginner in raising our lovable budgies; you are in the right place. I am going to jot down all of the essential knowledge and advice you should know.

Journey #1: Shelter

Buy them a big comfortable cage.

Budgies need a great wide space for them to stretch their wings, also for them to feel safe and secured. It is important that their cage lets the light pass through, they love light and it is immersed by it; it makes them happy. Very important that it is big enough for their food and water, together with their toys.

Circular cages are off the table.

No matter how big they are, it will make budgies feel insecure, threatened; and scared because they do not have a corner to hide themselves in. Add a bath. Budgies defecate a lot, that is why they themselves like to be clean. Mini bathtubs can be hooked into their cages where they can enjoy themselves and clean themselves.

Decorate their cage with perches and toys.

Perches should be natural bird-safe woods. Dowel or plastic perches can cause foot problems, concrete perches are hard and might injure your bird’s feet. Toys have lots of variety, and you can look for ladders, bells, bells. This will keep your budgies stimulated and active throughout their day. Make sure to not bombard it with lots of toys and perches; do not overdo it because the cage will be crowded; and thus might cause irritation and stress to the bird. 

Place their cage in a warm room where temperatures do not fluctuate.

Lightroom will keep your budgies stimulated and happy and a room wherein it is near family contacts; and activities will make your budgies included; and as though a part of your family; it will not keep them lonely and stressed out. 

Journey #2: Feeding 

The conventional feeding system for birds including Budgies is seed mixes and cuttlebone for a snack or reward. While seed mixes contain healthful nutrients, it is best; that you feed your budgies with sixty percent healthy seed mixes and forty percent fruits and vegetables. They can eat a healthy amount of bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, mangos, nectarine, melon, cherries, and kiwis. As for vegetables, they enjoy eating: green beans, cucumbers, carrots, cabbages, peas in pods, sweet corn, cauliflower, and sweet potato. This type of diet is ideal since it is packed with nutritious benefits together with a great taste your budgies will definitely enjoy

Do not forget cuttlebone, this is a good source of calcium our budgies need. Moreover, they contain magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. 

Journey #3: Other Budgie Basic Needs

  • Cleaning their cage once a week. This will keep your budgie from disease causing germs. Clean their cage with a mild soap and water; opt for other cleaning products if you are certain that they are safe for birds.
  •  Take out their feces every two or three days. 
  • When it is time for bed, lay a blanket on their cage. This will give a sense of relief, relaxation and safety. Make sure that they are still getting proper ventilation.
  • Feeding them in adequate proportions daily. Feeding proportion is best advised by their veterinarian to take into account certain factors; such as their size, gut health, medical conditions if there’s any etc. 
  • Give your pet vitamins and mineral supplements. This is also best advised by their veterinarian to aid their specific needs and overall health condition.
  • Veterinary visits when something is off or unusual to your budgie; or once a year if your budgie is seemingly healthy. This will keep your budgie’s health at an optimum level. Always keep in mind that their health is really crucial; and it is in our hands as owners to aid in that. 

Pro Tips!

Make sure they are in a loving and caring environment that manifests: Friendly owners and visitors, regular playtime for them, quality bonding; and really overall positive aura. Love and take care of your budgie’s holistic health, not just their physical aspect but also their mental; and emotional aspects. Set aside time in your day for you to connect and play with them, to build trust and safety and to overall foster a great bird-to-human relationship. Be patient with your budgie, as they are doing their best, slowly yet progressively, to be comfortable around us humans as well. 


Petting birds is a great idea, birds can aid to the connection we crave; and they ought to give us a unique one. I hope you consider petting Budgerigar birds; since we have tackled how they are meant to be well taken care of. The information laid above is meant for beginners to have a great broad overview, adhere to this; and do your own extensive research as well will assure you of a great petting experience. 

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