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Fluff Balls that are extremely cute? Cotton candy in the form of a dog? A rabbit that barks? that and many more are what Corgis are known to be. Well, the metaphors really do speak, as Corgis are these short-legged dogs that are very, very endearing; and easy to the eyes. They have the cutest ears; those tiny legs look like they are floating and their facial features are indeed attractive. Everything they do will give you a boost of serotonin because of their cuteness; no wonder why Corgis have become significantly popular over the years as more and more people; including influential celebrities, seem to own and fall in love with this adorable dog breed.

If you are planning to own and care for these cute balls of sunshine; you should be knowledgeable enough about their breed, and I will get you started on your journey. Let’s discuss and go over one by one, everything we need to know about Corgis. 

Corgi Dog Breed: Profile 

Corgis are built as “short and long” dogs, much like Daschund dogs. The corgi has a strong and stout composure, known for their large fluffy ears and comical-like facial attributes; their eyes are really expressive, even their nose is adorable, with wide smiles. They have short legs, they are muscular. Their body is covered with thick fur, suiting “fluff balls” as nicknames for them, it is very soft and it comes in a variety of colors, which are red, fawn, sable; black and tan combination; and mix, with some of them having distinct white markings on some parts of their body. 

Their size is small; with their height only ranging from ten to twelve inches with male Corgis weighing an average of thirty pounds and female Corgis being twenty-eight pounds. 

History of Corgi Dog Breed

Corgi has two distinct and accepted breeds, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi lineage has been known and believed to exist as early as 1107 AD. They are believed that there exist Flemish weavers; that brought the dogs with them as they made their way residing in Wales. Ancient lore affirms that there are two children; that were seen running through a forest and bumped into the funeral of a fairy. The mourning fairies gave those two children two corgi puppies; sure enough, the children went home with the puppies, and the breeding popularity began. Stories also tell that these adorable corgis once played a significant role of being war dogs for fairies; before they came to be known as herding dogs for humans. 

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi became globally famous because of Queen Elizabeth II as she owned more than thirty royal corgis during her reign. They have continuously become popular because of that, along with the United States and other Asian countries. 

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is believed to come from the Teckle family of dogs; that are known to produce the Daschund. This breed of corgi is known to exist in Wales for over 3,000 years. They are dogs with the original purpose to go before his master’s cattle herd then make efforts to clear the way by chasing potential predators; and trespassing herds, giving an area for grazing. They are known to be loyal, acting as cattle dogs, family guardians, and at times, vermin exterminators. 

These two distinct breeds, Pembroke and Cardigan were originally listed as one breed by The Kennel Club in Britain; in the year 1925, but we’re recognized after ten years as two separate breeds. 

Corgis’ Personality, Behaviors and Temperament

Corgis are very affectionate and do well with a variety of people, and a variety of family types. That is why corgis have risen to be an ideal family dog as well. As for being a family dog; they make good watchdogs that make loud barks when they feel uneasy and unsafe around their environment. 

When you own one, they are rarely aggressive to you, as they are very sweet in nature, they love attention; they love to play, they are fun to be surrounded with, and raising one, as corgi enthusiasts would like to put it, are very fulfilling and life-changing. 

They generally do not need any high maintenance lifestyle habits or requirements; and they are not needy in a materialistic way, just your pouring love, care, and attention. In a much detailed way, here are what to expect: 

Corgis have the wits. 

These pets ranked 11th for Pembroke and 31th as for Cardigan, on the list of smart dog breeds. Corgi are observers; they are escape masters, and they can communicate their needs and wants to humans greatly and relatively easy and faster to train; compared to other dog breeds. 

Corgis are Affectionate and clingy.

They are very lovable, as they like to shower their owners with affection at all times; and they do not like to be neglected or left alone for a long period of time; they tend to be anxious. As simple as letting your corgi observe you while you are busy working? Will make their hearts fluffer with joy? As an owner; not only will they delight you but they can significantly make you a happier, calmer person; as many dog owners like to describe their relationships with their own pet. 

Corgis are highly energetic

Corgis, because they are small, can be mistaken as lap dogs; but that is not the case and beginners should stop falling for this idea. They are highly energetic which means they need heightened mental stimulation and physical activities; every day for their optimum health and well-being. They need an average of one hour of exercise and playtime every day. Deprive them of these bare minimum requirements? and they will turn destructive. 

Corgis are outgoing and sociable.

Corgis, as they enter any room; can easily be the life of the party because of how people-oriented they are; and how because of their outgoing nature, they seem to connect and bond easily with them. They are very friendly, they do not seem to be intimidated and they actually will approach strangers freely; as long as they emit positive vibes around them. 

Corgis are fond of foods, they admire foods so much.

Basically, corgis can do everything, if there’s food on the deal. They love to eat, they love to snack; and this fondness of food comes great when you are in the process of training them to do good behaviors; and impressive acts. 

Corgis are not quiet, unfortunately.

Corgis can be off-limits to those who are sensitive to loud noises; live in a noise-sensitive neighborhood; or are raising a child. Their barks were so much louder; as one would typically assume for a dog that is as small as a corgi. The barks can be ear-piercing and annoying and can rumble throughout your home. 

Barking for them is the most efficient communication and attention seeker, as they will bark when they are hungry, upset, excited, frightened, want attention; and many other mundane instances. 

Corgi Raising Guide

Good habits and behaviors are best learned and adapted at their young age.

Corgis are intelligent dogs, so you would not worry about having a hard time; of course, you should be patient with them, but with consistency and delicious treats? You’ll do great and have a trained corgi in no time. 

Make your home friendly for your corgi

If you plan on not giving your dog a cage; you are encouraged to still give them designated space for bedtime, or downtime. Your house should be comfortable, free of unnecessary clutter; and full of toys your dog can play with to keep their mind active. 

In potty training them, the most important step you need to embark is learning and understanding the pattern of when they relieve themselves.

Most corgis relieve themselves early in the morning; so a quick walk before it is effective, also consider the familiarity of location and stick to it, so your dog will eventually know that that place is for potty usage. If you have a backyard, guide your dog there and it will eventually adapt and be trained. 

Always have time allotted for exercise, everyday.

Corgis are highly energetic and this energy needs to be put to good use; and that good use is through interactive and engaging physical activities. Playing with a ball, pitch, gentle running and jumping are great basics to try. Also, you would want to be accompanied by corgis when you walk, they will benefit from that as well. 

To keep those furs fluppy, shiny and healthy, groom them every day.

Corgis have double coats, and it is causing them constant shedding that is why grooming them is a never-ending battle. With this information in mind, you ought to brush them every day to keep those furs laying around all over the rooms of your house, clothes, car, etc. Also, brushing them every day consistently will lead to them getting used to it and thinking it is not actually a big deal, and they will look forward to it and be comfortable enough in you doing so. 

Corgi Diet and Eating Guide

Corgis love food; they are motivated to do all things, as long as there’s food waiting for them at the end of their accomplishment. With that in mind, they are fed up to five times a day, in small filling portions since they can be stubborn if that hunger kicks in. Provide adequate water as well to help aid in their digestion. 

Corgis should be fed high-quality and nutritious dog food, with fruits and vegetables as treats and as occasional supplements for added nutrition. Meats can be added as well, here is the guide: 

Top rated high quality dog foods for Corgis

  1. Wellness CORE
  2. Diamond Naturals
  3. Merrick
  4. Nutro

Fruits to serve for Corgis

  1. Watermelon
  2. Apple
  3. Strawberry
  4. Banana
  5. Avocado 
  6. Mango
  7. Cantaloupe
  8. Pears
  9. Peaches
  10. Cherries

Vegetables to serve for Corgis

  1. Broccoli
  2. Brussels sprouts
  3. Celery
  4. Green beans
  5. Carrots
  6. Sweet potatoes and potatoes
  7. Peas
  8. Sweet corns
  9. Kale
  10. Cucumber

Meats to serve for Corgis

  1. Chicken
  2. Beef
  3. Lamb
  4. Fish

Corgi Health Monitoring

It is a crucial, health requirement for your Corgi to be vaccinated as soon as you adopt or obtain them. Vaccinations play the important first step towards effectively raising them and keeping them healthy. This will protect your dog from acquiring various medical conditions and a variety of life-threatening diseases. As an owner, their health should be your utmost priority as health drives the quality of their lives. 

As to what you can do every day, uphold to giving them a balanced diet, with a regular engagement to exercise, a home that is dog friendly, neat, and safe, an owner that is 100% dedicated to raising and loving their pet, and surrounding people that is kind and lovely towards them will ensure you that your fluffball will be healthy and lively.

Health Tips

Practice proper hygiene for them as well, by giving them regular baths and grooming, with all of their toys, and feeding equipment sanitized regularly as well. This will help maintain cleanliness, which is often overlooked but plays a huge part in keeping those bacteria, germs, and viruses away. Also, regular veterinary consultations, at least once a year, are encouraged for your seemingly healthy and active Corgi for optimum health, for further validation and this will be helpful to rule out emerging, or undiagnosed health conditions. 

There are also warning signs that exist that reveal that your dog is currently in pain or has an undiagnosed disease that they are currently experiencing. Here’s the list of what to pay attention to: 

  • Excessive or repeated vomiting, gagging, sneezing or coughing
  • Refusal to eat/ Low appetite
  • Swollen gums
  • Excessive thirst or urination
  • Labored breathing
  • Skin issues
  • Behavioral changes

Seeing these signs above must be entertained with immediate veterinary consultation to aid proper medical attention and treatment. 

Benefits and Advantages of Raising Corgi and their Drawbacks and Disadvantages


Corgis are adorable, faithful companion

Corgis love the connection, the bond they foster with their owner. They love tremendously, care deeply, and are generally motivated in making you, and other people happy with their positive aura and energetic approach in life. 

They love to spend time with their owners, go on walks, observe their tasks, chill on their lap, up to swimming with them, playing interactive games, learning tricks, sharing memes, and many more mundane tasks that corgis can turn into an elevated, meaningful experience.

Corgis are smart

Corgis’ intelligence makes them so easy to deal with, as they pick up signs, learnings, and routines relatively fast compared to the other dog breeds. This also means that they can get to know you, perhaps memorize you of the things you like to do and how they can get your attention, they will also know if you are dealing with happy, sad, fearful, angry emotions, and they can provide you comfort and emotional support. 

Corgis are very sociable

Corgis love to be the center of attention, they love to grace others with their cuteness. With this trait of theirs? your family and friends, neighbors, colleagues, even strangers will not seem to hate your dog, ever. This is helpful for your friends and family to feel safe with your dog and have a chance to form connections and friendships with them as well, and beneficial for your dog’s well-being as they are being positively received and welcomed. 

Corgis’ unique looks makes them stand out for almost every other dog breed 

Their endearing comical facial features and their tiny body, with soft furs and their butt shaped like heart, sounds like too good to be true, but they made them possible. Many are really hooked into corgis cuteness, as their endearing looks can easily draw smiles to someone’s face and can easily light up a dark room. They are simply drop-dead gorgeous, magical, and graceful.

Corgis have a reputation, they are loved by the royal families

Queen Elizabeth II makes corgis popular all over the world, as many would like to say and validate. She was given her first corgi when she was eighteen and it grew to more than thirty corgis, whom she adores and deeply cared for. Queen Elizabeth II, because of her big fondness, draws people into thinking how great these dogs are, and sure enough, they do not become disappointed.

Corgis live a very long life

Taking care of a corgi, and growing to love and adore them will mean that you have them for almost fifteen years. A lot of fun and sweet memories and a lot of growing and mutual love, fondness and caring for each other can take place in those fifteen years, most of which, I’ll assume to be great, worth it, and gracious. 


Corgis needs a lot of stimulation everyday to function at their best

Specifically, they need one hour of physical activity. Now if you are busy, one hour seems to be too long, and a challenge to do so. They need stimulation, such as their interactive playtime or exercise, and their bonding time with their owner. These two have to be met daily, as when you rob and take it away from them, they can grow to be destructive just to get your attention. 

Corgis shed, a lot

Corgis, rated by The American Kennel Club, is one of the breeds with the highest levels of shedding recurrence. Their fur is a double coat, and in order to keep those fur shiny, healthy, and pleasing to the eyes, you should brush them daily, and be prepared for cleaning it afterward. 

Corgis are not quiet

Corgis bark, when they are happy, sad, excited, frustrated, irritated, unsafe, and many more mundane instances. The main cause can be not having enough stimulation throughout their day and this can interfere with your work, your relationships, your community. The bright side of them barking, is that they make excellent watchdogs, keeping you safe and secure at all times. 

Corgis can easily become overweight

When Corgis do not get enough of their exercise, you will be surprised by how quickly their weight blossoms. Their body, being built small, means that they need to really stimulate movement to be strong and masculine, and for them not to be too bored that they will resort to eating up again. You need to stimulate them, to keep their weight at a healthy level, and do not encourage treats as something that can be earned without their efforts or behavioral discipline. 


Corgis are great dogs, with lots of cuteness, endearing outside and inside attributes that take the breaths of their owners away, and make those owners happier than ever. They have lots of things they can offer, be it their ever-attractive physical attributes, to their ray of sunshine personality, behavior, and temperament. Their popularity, just amplifies how great of a pet they can come to be. 

If you want one of them, what’s stopping you? Corgis can be your new companion that you will adore for the rest of their long lives. Take this as a sign, a yes sign since I believe that these adorable dogs can light up lots of dog enthusiasts’ lives, and who knows if they land on you. Just remember, to always adopt or buy those with clear intentions of taking care of them, even if it means selflessly. Responsible pet ownership is the bare requirement all pet owners should exercise, and abide by at all times since those pets have lives, and it is their hands to make it healthy, worthwhile, gracious, and meaningful. 

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