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Your chosen Jack Russell Terrier will be part of your family for an extended period so make sure to select the right dog for your family. Remember to not impulsively purchase that cute puppy in the window of your local pet shop to avoid many of the problems experienced by new puppy owners and save yourself a lot of heartaches. If you want to own a pet, escape from impulse buying.

It is recommended to purchase your Jack Russell Terrier puppy from a trusted and reputable, registered show Jack Russell Terrier breeder. It is very simple to select a dedicated breeder. Be sure also to avoid a registered backyard. Just ask if either the parent of the JRT is a champion and how many wins the breeder has bred. Also, ask the number of years the breeder has been showing their Jack Russell Terrier. This will give you the best opportunity of obtaining a companion who is a true representative of its breed. Never be fooled into purchasing a JRT from a registered backyard breeder. It is recommended that you must research the JRT breed thoroughly before buying.

The following are the questions you should ask the breeder before buying the JRT:

  • Ask to see and visit the puppy and the parents in the   breeder’s home       
  • Ask to see both the parents because this will give you an idea of how the puppy will be as an adult. Do not buy a Jack Russell Terrier from a breeder that refuses to allow you to come to their place and see the parents of the JRT.
  • If you are buying online, ask for more photos of the puppy at different angles to make sure it is not a scam. Also, ask to forward the photos of the parents to you.
  • Ask questions about the size of the Jack Russell Terrier. A good breeder can tell you the puppies’ current weight.
  • Also, ask the breeder JRT will require.
  • Ask about any health problems. Has the JRT been vet checked? Are they wormed on regular basis? Has the JRT been micro chipped?
  • Ask if the parents of the puppy are DNA profiled.
  • Ask if the breeder has been involved in Jack Russell Terrier rescue. Only purchase a puppy from a breeder who is dedicated to the breed.
  • Ask if the breeder belongs to a Breed Club or Association. In the United States, puppies should be registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club). Take note, you must only purchase AKC registry puppies. This is because the AKC has strict rules of requirements and membership from the breeders. This rule is a good safeguard for a dog buyer.
  • Ask if the breeder has a contract. A reputable breeder will have a contract that must spell out all conditions of sale.
  • Ask if the breeder has a website. Most good breeders have a website. Also, be sure to avoid breeders who offer credit card or other easy payment methods online, including PayPal. Beware of the breeders who are in a hurry to sell their pet and close the deal.

If you are really interested in purchasing a Jack Russell Terrier dog, whether it is adult or puppy, do not hesitate to visit the Jack Russell Terrier Directory. It lists the very best Jack Russell Terrier breeders, AKC Registered JRT Breeders and Reputable Kennel Club.

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