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Small in size but extremely big, and delightful in personality, Teacup Yorkie will sure make a feisty; but extremely loving companion. Teacup Yorkie is the cult’s favorite and the most popular dog breed residing in the United States. These dogs have the most gullible looks, funny disposition, and loyalty like no other. Now, if you are wanting to raise one for yourself; you have to really research what dog foods will work best on your Teacup Yorkie; this is to take into account their small size so they can thrive well, be healthy, and lively.

Instinct – Raw Boost 

Instinct has chicken, chickpeas, tapioca, and turkey as their main ingredients. This wonderful mix takes place for the number one small breed dog food because of its perfect combination of proteins; fats, alongside healthful calories. 

  • Its main ingredient is a cage-free chicken that will give off your teacup yorkie high levels of proteins; that will provide him leaner muscles while benefiting optimum strength, 
  • Instinct dog food has a well-rounded formula that delivers a generous amount of phosphorus and calcium. This will give your yorkie very well, bone, and teeth health. 
  • Moreover, this brand’s product is designed keeping in mind the high caloric demands of teacup yorkies; and this will provide nourishment through these dogs all life stages. 
  • A small serving is more than enough to secure complete nutritional value. This aids in meeting a dog’s high metabolic needs.
  • Another impressive plus point of Instinct is it exists in a small kibble size that aids in preventing choking hazards; making it easier for your teacup yorkies consumption and digestion. 
  • Savory and delightful, yorkies easily fall in love with the taste of this. 
  • Lastly, very pocket-friendly! Perfect for those on a tight budget but want to give their dog the best dog food possible. 

Wellness CORE 

Wellness Core has deboned turkey, turkey meal, a chicken meal together with potatoes and peas as its main ingredient. Such a nutritional delight! 

  • This turkey and chicken recipe made perfect by Wellness Core is the very reason why they came a very close second. It focuses on the primal needs of small canines. 
  • It is enriched and packed with high levels of proteins and Omega Fatty acids; that are sourced from quality salmon oil. These two combinations assure your teacup yorkie high levels of energy; enhanced overall systems of his health, as well as coat and skin nourishment. 
  • Moreover, the brand crafted a formula only made from a supreme quality; natural ingredients to ensure quality, and effective nutrition filling in your small but terrible pooch. 
  • Impressively, Wellness CORE also does not have any fillers or refined grains in them; that will hinder their core health and protein intake. This ensures optimum nutrition absorption. 
  • Along with the meaty goodness, this dog food also includes antioxidants as well as healthful probiotics to aid in digestion. 
  • Overall, Wellness Core really has a good reputation,this is due to them focusing on high-quality ingredients and well-rounded, delectable recipes; that make them one of the most sought-after makers of nutritious and healthy canine foods. 

Taste of the Wild 

Taste of the wild has venison, lamb meal, garbanzo in addition to peas and duck meal as its main ingredients. Very diverse, and highly nutritious! 

  • Made with 100% no hidden fillers as well as refined grains. Taste of the wild secures your teacup yorkie is at best in performing their desired activities every day; as it gives off sustainable energy. 
  • Moreover, their main ingredient, venison; is enriched with other high-quality proteins that will give your favorite dog healthy muscles that are strong and bones that are ready to take on any adventures. 
  • This dog food also excludes any artificial flavoring and is packed with only premium quality ingredients; that is with respect to small dog breeds. The brand provides well-rounded nutrition for small canines. 
  • Lastly, and most important of all, is it includes impressive amounts of omega 3 and omega fatty acids, alongside probiotics. This will ensure yorkies a very healthy skin, coat, and gut health. 

Blue Buffalo

Next on the list, Blue buffalo has deboned chicken, chicken meal alongside brown rice, barley and oatmeal as its top five main ingredients. 

  • Blue buffalo is a well-rounded recipe crafted for the special needs of our small dogs, especially teacup yorkies. Deboned chicken and antioxidants ingredients aid in giving their digestive system optimum function and sustainable enhancement until aging.
  • It has healthy carbohydrates and proteins that are well-balanced and generous in providing essential nutrients for the optimum wellness of small dogs. Moreover, it ensures high levels of energy throughout the day, perfect for your active yorkie. 
  • It also holds no by-products or fillers of any kind. This small-sized kibble, moreover, is crafted to be an easy-to-eat meal, while still considering calcium and phosphorus aim to supplement strong bones and healthy teeth.

Solid gold 

Solid Gold has bison, ocean fish meal, pearled barley together with brown rice and salmon meal as its effectively healthy main ingredients. 

  • This is a powerful, nutrient-packed recipe that keeps in mind the mighty nature of small canines, including our beloved teacup yorkies. It is packed with the greatness found in salmon, bison, ocean fish meal as well as pearl barley. 
  • It provides a healthy source of protein as well as carbohydrates responsible for enhancing overly nutrition and giving sustained energy throughout your dog’s days. 
  • This doesn’t have any common allergens such as soy, wheat, and corn. The brand is very inclusive in making sure dogs with sensitive stomach eats and has healthy bodies. 
  • It is full of superfoods, such as cranberries, pumpkin, blueberries, carrots, broccoli, and moreover, almond oil. These all in all make Solid Gold a great choice for your yorkie as it will not fail in giving the best gut health, shiny coat, and healthy skin. 

Get your shopping carts ready, and your heart open for your very own Teacup Yorkie!  

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