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What are Tomato Frogs like? Tomato frogs are usually calm and relaxed. They are primarily terrestrial. They are usually found on vegetation, highly distributed urban areas, coastal forests, rain forest or forests that receive heavy rainfall whenever summer starts or in the latter part of spring. What are Tomato Frogs? Well, another fun fact is that the name “Tomato” was based on their striking colors as females come in a bright red-orange while males have a duller skin that ranges from yellow-orange to brownish – orange similar to the color of tomato fruit. In this article, you’ll learn what are Tomato Frogs and the necessities you need to keep them.

What are Tomato Frogs: Facts You Need to Know

This type of frog is most active during the night. Most of the time, they spend the day burrowed under leaves and mud. They are available throughout the year especially during early summer or late spring. Both wild – caught and captive-bred what are Tomato Frogs shows up in pet trade. Females grow larger than male. Adult males can grow as large as 2.5 inches while females can grow and reach 4 inches measuring from snout to vent.

When what are Tomato Frogs stressed, they secrete a white liquid substance. This is their defense mechanism whenever a predator comes in their way.  This can be deadly to others but can only bring allergy to human skin.  Unlike cats and dogs, tomato frogs like the majority of the frogs do not enjoy being handled. It is advisable for you to handle your pet frog only when it is needed for instance, when you are going to clean its terrarium

Having pets, in general, can be expensive regardless if it’s a low maintenance or a high maintenance one. Either of the two, you need to provide them enough supplies essential for them to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Though what are Tomato Frogs seem like small creatures that are easy to handle and to maintain, the truth is they don’t come cheap at all!

It is necessary for you to provide everything that your frog needs in order for it to live happy and satisfied. Though it looks simple, these little things will definitely become an additional line item to your daily budget. The entire cost of these frogs – related expenses will vary depending on where you buy the supplies, the brand it belongs, the amount of nutrients present, the time being, etc.

Tomato Frogs Supplies

Cage or enclosure, food and water equipment, medical care, cage decor or accessories, materials for breeding, medical care, and the cost of a what are Tomato Frogs itself are the overall expense for keeping such a species.

It is highly recommended for you to buy only from reputable and legit breeders to ensure that the frog you are going to purchase is healthy and as a much as possible is a captive – bred. You may buy from online stores or websites as well as on amphibian’s conventions. Ask for referrals to ensure that you will be able to deal with a well-regarded breeder alone.

Tomato Frog Price: Its price actually depends on its age, color, availability and the breed or species it belongs to. If you want to purchase a frog with a lower cost you may transact with backyard breeder but at your own risk since if you’re going to acquire frogs from them, you wouldn’t be so sure that the frogs are well-taken care of or if they are really a captive-bred or have just been randomly captured in the wild. Remember not to purchase a cheap frog if it is at the expense of its health and quality. Tomato frogs, on average, cost $20 to $50. Usually, the younger ones are being sold at a lower cost than the adults.

Terrarium and Screen Lid

A frog needs its own place to stay in order to feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable. It is ideal for you to mimic its natural habitat for it to be able to adjust easily on its new surroundings. In buying a cage, make sure that it is appropriate for the size and age of your frog. The enclosure should be made out of glass so that you can easily monitor your pet, regulate temperature, and for the reason that this kind of cage will be easier to clean. You may buy an enclosure along with a screen lid for as low as $20 but it greatly varies depending on the size, brand, and quality of the cage. The cost of it can further increase up to $50

Food, Water Dish, Tank Heater

Tomato frogs can be fed by gut-loaded cricket. There is also a need for their food to be dusted with calcium powder as they need the mineral for them to avoid developing certain diseases. You also need to provide them with water at all times. Temperature and humidity inside the cage should be properly maintained. Therefore, tank heater along with thermometer and hygrometer will be needed. All of these can cost you around $20 to $50.

Veterinarian Consultations

It is advisable for your pet to visit the vet once in a while for a routine check-up in order to make sure that its health is exceptional.  Just like humans, Tomato frogs can also get sick. They may potentially carry different diseases without you knowing it. And so, you need to save up for its medical needs and veterinarian costs. You should also save a budget for medical or lab tests just in case your frog will need such procedures. It may cost around $75 – $100 or more.


In order to simulate a healthy environment for your pet, you should be able to set up its terrarium as if it’s living in the wild. You may add cage decors such as branches, leaves, live plants, moss and other things that would make the cage pleasing to the eyes. It is up to you what supplies or accessories to use. Just make sure that you will not overdo it. All these things may cost you around $10 – $15.

UVB Lighting and Gauges

It is not really that necessary for Tomato frogs to have access on UVB Lighting but having one won’t hurt. If ever you will add a plant inside the cage, the UVB lighting will be a great factor for it not to wither. UV lighting is not really required for Tomato frogs but using one would benefit your pet as it can help the frog process calcium and other vitamins that are beneficial for its health. This may cost you around $50 and up.

If you want to seriously own what are Tomato Frogs as a pet you should be able to cover the necessary costs it entails. The initial expenses associated with keeping Tomato frogs as pets include the cost of the breed itself as well as its substrate, accessories, initial medical checkups, licensing, food, and other equipment needed.

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