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What to do if your rooster has mites? Possibly their plumes are shaken up for no reason. Mites and also lice are irritating, bothersome troubles to have with your yard group, and also should be treated rapidly as it can spread to all the other feathery friends. What to do if your rooster has mites? For the fastest method to eliminate these pests examine out our quick-fire guide. For more comprehensive info, we talked to Claire Bickle, gardening as well as poultry professional to obtain the tough realities concerning how to do away with these mites, ought to they become a problem with your roosters.

Lice vs. Mites

What to do if your rooster has mites?  Well, both are bothersome as well as fairly little. The distinction in between both is that termites make it through by feeding upon the blood of your fowls. Some survive on the fowls; some live in their real estate and also appear to feed at certain times.

Lice nevertheless do not prey on the blood – instead they make it through by ingesting the skin scales and also particles in their plumes. They likewise live their whole life on the rooster. Both lice and mites, if left without treatment, are detrimental to your rooster’s health and wellness, so you should definitely take action as quickly as you’ve detected a trouble.

Mites Transmission

What to do if your rooster has mites? Lice and also termites are typically sent by wild birds that bring the parasites coming right into contact with the cage, or your fowls. Maintaining an eye on pests like turkeys and various other indigenous birds is crucial for your group’s health.

There’s no guaranteed answer as to whether lice or termites will transfer from fowls to other pets. Proof recommends that the critters like to hang around on various other creatures, so it’s worth examining your animals to see whether they’ve got a mite or lice issue. If they do, look via their bed linen as well as their hair – if you think any kind of activity, provide an excellent dusting as well as a warm bath.

Types of Mites

Red Termites

What to do if your rooster has mites? Red termites are several of one of the most common termites that affect roosters, and also among one of the most aggravating. Red termites are typically spread by wild birds entering call with your rooster coop. From below, they conceal in the dark spots of the rooster cage throughout the day, and afterwards appear at evening to feed upon your feathery buddies, when again pulling back when the sunlight shows up.

To recognize whether this mite is the culprit shaking up feathers in your group, have a close consider your fowls plumes and also skin – if you can see red as well as black small spots, after that these are most likely red termites.


If left without treatment, the termites can create your fowls to come to be anaemic. If more unattended, fatality might happen, so act quick! As mentioned previously, wild birds coming in to speak to with the cage is one of the most usual methods red mites can be transferred. Consequently, taking actions to avoid birds from remaining on your coop is suggested. On top of that, if you are presenting new birds to the group, quarantine them initially to guarantee they don’t transfer any type of mites to your existing feathery close friends.

What to do if your rooster has mites? Unlike some extreme techniques, the rooster cage does not need to be burned – it will take a couple of therapies to do away with every one of the termites, yet it will certainly be well worth it!

Fowl Mites

North Chicken mites are comparable to the Red mite, in that they feed on your fowls. Unlike the Red mite, the Northern Chicken invests its whole life on the fowls. This implies that the adverse effects of the termites will be much faster, so it’s extremely crucial to treat them as quickly as they’re spotted.

What to do if your rooster has mites? The Northern Fowl mite will additionally create anaemia in your roosters by eating them, and also if without treatment will certainly trigger death. Maintain the coop clean, and protect against wild birds as well as rodents from penetrating the cage as well as spreading the termites. Tidy up splashed feed as well as anything that might attract unwanted scary crawlies!


Promptly treat your fowls with a safe insecticide – attempt diatomaceous planet, absorbacide or Pestene. A number of days later, treat the fowls again – this will get any kind of remaining eggs as well as mites. If none of these pesticides work, contact your veterinarian that may have the ability to recommend you an additional fowl dirt.

Scaly Leg Mites

These pests are so tiny that they cannot be seen with the human eye – however, they can conveniently be discovered by the results they leave on your chickens.

Scaly Leg termites weasel their way right into your fowls ranges on their feet, where they feed and also leave droppings. This will make your roosters legs appear scabby and also crusty – and if left unattended will certainly spread to the remainder of the group and create them terrific discomfort. They might create fatality if left neglected for a really long time.


What to do if your rooster has mites? Keep the coop squeaky clean. Quarantine any type of new birds you might be including to your group, and also guarantee they aren’t already affected with the termites – otherwise they may spread out to your roosters. Offer your roosters a wonderful soak in a tub of warm water, and delicately clean them. After they’ve dried off, dirt their whole body with some Pestene or diatomaceous earth.

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