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What to feed African Greys? African Grey parrots are largely considered omnivorous due to lack of fixed food preferences. Its food preferences are mostly based on its natural habitat. What to feed African Greys? Today’s supplements have opened new and healthy options for pet owners. In this article, you will be guided on how to properly feed your parrot and learn the nutritional requirements they need and answer your question, what to feed African Greys?

What to Feed African Greys: Food Staples

Contrary to popular belief, birds do not live by seed alone. A seed only diet can be extremely dangerous because it can result in nutrient deficiency and diseases due to its limited nutrients, vitamins and minerals which could shorten the life expectancy of your parrot. What to feed African Greys? African grey needs a good quality pellet diet for it to be healthy. Like humans, parrots need a balanced diet. You should be able to feed your bird with fresh vegetables especially green leafy ones as well as fruit and grain daily.

What to Feed African Greys: Food Tips

Feed them Seeds

African Grey Parrots love to eat seeds. Palm fruit seeds are highly recommended on a Grey parrot’s diet plan. However as mentioned earlier, you still need to offer a proper balance of fruits and vegetables because that will keep the bird’s metabolic system strong. What to feed African Greys? African Grey needs 3 – 4 teaspoons per day of a pellet or seed – based, fortified parrot diet.

Offer them Veggies

What to feed African Greys? Vegetables are a rich source of natural fiber for the body. As compared to other birds, there are a few vegetables which is essential for an African Grey, these vegetables not only provide fiber but also nutrition. Just make sure they are properly washed before feeding to your pet. You can feed them sweet potato; it can be served in the cooked and mashed form. You can also serve them carrots; it can be served in the boiled form. Peppers (green, red, and yellow) betters are high in vitamin C, which is essential for the bird’s immune system.

You should also feed them spinach, broccoli and cauliflower; these can be consumed raw or cooked. Yellow and Butter nut squashes, kale, celery, cucumbers, green beans, peas (garden and snow) and leaf lettuce to name a few.

Provide them Fruits

What to feed African Grey? Fruits are healthy and sweet, they are a natural source of sugars for the parrots. Keep in mind that you need to get your vet’s approval before trying a new fruit for your African Grey Parrot. This can includes melons, dried dates, figs, gooseberries, mango and papaya, grapes, guava, honeydew, kiwi, apples, banana, blackcurrant, blueberry, cantaloupe, cherry, mango, pear, pineapple, pomegranate, raspberry, and strawberry among others.

Give them Calcium

What to feed African Grey? The only supplement necessary in feeding your parrot is Calcium. African grey birds need the most amount of Calcium than any other kinds of parrots. Follow the instructions on the supplement package. Calcium is vital for muscle contraction, blood clotting, heart functions, bone growth and strength. The bird should be exposed to UVB light for at least 3 – 4 hours a day, for optimal physiologic use of the calcium you are giving your bird.

Keep Them Hydrated

What to feed African Grey? Hydration is just as important for birds as it is for human beings especially during hot weather conditions, lack of water can lead to dehydration which can cause these birds to collapse. Your African Greys should be given access to clean, fresh and cool water. Do not use tap water because can cause the bird to be ill, as well as distilled water, instead use unflavored bottled drinking water or bottled natural spring water.

If in case, tap water is used, treat it with a de-chlorinating treatment. Inability to provide fresh water to pet birds can cause upset stomach with unbearable stomachache. Whether the meal consists of raw or cooked food, vegetables or meat African Greys have a habit of drinking water after every meal which helps their digestion process.

Other Diet Necessities

What to feed African Grey? Vitamin is definitely an important part of any diet because it fulfills body requirements but as a precaution most Grey parrots on a pelleted diet do not require additional vitamins therefore a regular medical consultation to your veterinary is highly advised to ensure that your bird is getting proper diet. Some Greys are prone to vitamin A deficiencies but you should not provide vitamins without an expert’s prescription. What to feed African Grey? Fatty acids are part of a balanced diet combined with minerals, vitamins and calcium. Fatty acid intake serves as an effective skin and feather care agent. It also provides the ability to develop a better immune system so that it may survive possible common diseases among the bird family. It also plays an important role in reducing the risk of heart attacks as well as lowering the cholesterol level.

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