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What you need to know about corgi pets? The Corgi breed came from the Basset Hound and the Dachshund breed. It was originally used as a herd dog by farmers who live in South Wales. 3000 years ago, the land in South Wales was undivided which is why cattle were all over the land. What you need to know about corgi pets? This was how the Corgi breed was needed to help herd and keep the cattle together. Fortunately, these dogs were perfectly suited for this task. The breed usually nipped at the heels of the cattle and sheep to drive them to the desired direction.

What you need to know about corgi pets? Because of this nip, the cattle would try to throw kicks at the Corgi, this allowed them to develop their agility overtime to duck the kicks while driving the herd successfully, and this has been something that’s been passed on for generations.

Family Pets

You should not be scared of their stubby legs because they are still a great bundle of joy! Remember, they are bred for herding cattle all day coupled with a great mind that is meant for problem-solving, so this dog is not really meant for sedentary owners. If you are not ready to have daily exercises with your dog, this breed is definitely not for you. The corgi breed is good for those who want jogging, walking, or even having a sport dog companion. However, this breed is not for fast-paced activities such as jogging due to their short legs.

Affectionate Breed

It can be very affectionate and goofy part of many families. They are very easy to be involved in playing and training and could become very friendly. However, you should not expect to slow down even though they have short legs. Even though they are huge YouTube celebrities, they are still known to be part of the herding cattle, and thus, love to run. Be prepared to give regular exercise and training. This dog breed likes children; however, they might herd your children if you leave them unguided. Also, you need to be on the lookout for the behavior of young corgis especially their nipping behaviors; they needed a good yet gentle re-direction.

Because it is an enthusiastic learner, your Pembroke Welsh corgi really likes a toy-based as well as treats based training. These dogs are very quick learners. They love to play as well as eating their treats. This makes them great partners in training. They want to have the training to have mental enrichment. This dog breeds really love obedience as well as agility training. Even though they are really friendly and outgoing, you should expose your corgi to the world as a puppy so you would have less corgi problem. Their popularity lies largely on their socialization and training and due to their affable nature.

The Corgi Standard

The height of an adult Corgi ranges between 10 and 13 inches both for males and females. This breed has a short to medium length coat that has a thick undercoat with a longer and fluffier outer coat. Their undercoat is also water resistant. The coat is longer in the shoulders, neck and chest area. There are four main coat colors in the Cardigan breed. The sable color comes with variations that range from light sable to dark sable. Corgis that have this coat color usually have a black cast in their tail head as well as their back part and withers. They also have a black shadow that arches from the top to the point of their eyes in between; this is commonly called the peak of a window.

They sport a black shadow on the top of their head, ears and also around their eyes. The undercoat, underbelly and face may be tan but the outer coat is black. Some Corgis have longer coats than the others. These are known as the long-haired Corgis or the fluffy Corgis. The Pembroke Welsh Corgis are born with tails, though some are docked when the dogs are still young. However, others have short tails carried over their backs. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a long tail.

Some Caveats

Your corgi is very friendly as well as an affectionate dog. They could display aggression, shyness, or even destructive tendencies just like other dog breeds. However, your corgi is the most to herd other things due to its natural instincts. It may be manifested through the nipping of the heels of moving objects, such as dogs, people, or even cars, or barking and lunging on the leash. However, with proper training and a good approach, you can prevent any of these corgi problems.Your pet could do a great job even if it only entails staying and lying on the mat and exchange for a treat! The reward system for good behavior is key to not having corgi problems. This should be enough to keep him well-behaved as well as friendly.

Small Dogs, Big Personalities

Unfortunately, physical exercises will never enough to keep these dogs happy which is why you need to provide them with something that they can engage in mentally. You have to provide activities that will allow them to think. Puzzle toys are okay to take the edge off, but this will eventually get them bored. They want some sort of training going on in their lives, be it working on regular household obedience, or perhaps doing some frivolous tricks or preparing for a sport. It’s also advisable to get it a good training session at least once a week.

Although they are little dogs, they are full of big personalities. Due to this, it makes them good to stay at a variety of homes. They would be friendly and still bright in most cases but would maintain their sharp alertness when they are herding other breeds. Even though they are considered to be generally quite healthy, there are still corgi problems that you should know about. Your corgi might suffer from an elbow or hip dysplasia, heart conditions, eye issues, or even the von Willebrand’s disease. The least disease is a breeding disorder. You need to ask your breeder for some health testing before you purchase your puppy or even putting on some money.

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