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Are budgies good pets? Budgerigars, also known as budgies or parakeets, are generally friendly and talkative. You’ll certainly enjoy their company. They are also naturally curious birds, and they love it when their keeper provides them with some form of mental stimulation. Are budgies good pets? They are indeed, and you’ll also find out that they are easy to teach and train some bird tricks. In this article, you’ll learn the answer to the question, are budgies good pets? – and how you can be a good budgie keeper.  

History of the Budgerigar

Are budgies good pets? Parakeets are comprised of more than 100 species of birds. They are generally seed – eating birds, they are small in size, they have slender bodies and long – tapering tails. Aside from being known as parakeets, they are also sometimes referred to as shell parakeets due to the shell – like formations on their wings.

Budgies on average have a length of 7 ½ inches and they come in various shades of yellows and greens. Parakeets in general, including budgie birds, dwell in warm regions. You can find them in tropical areas in the U.S., in India, and in their native land, Australia. They prefer temperatures that measure around 70s to low 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, in Australia, they love to flock in grasslands. Parakeets and budgies flock together to form a breeding colony. They nest and lay their eggs in tree holes. On average, they lay about 6 to 8 eggs, twice a year. Unfortunately, compared to other parrot species, they have a shorter life expectancy, and can only live for 6 to 12 years.

Are budgies good pets: Where to Buy Them 

Are budgies good pets ? You can find lots of budgie birds in pet stores, and some of them are also being sold online. However, you have to be careful because you could be buying a bird that’s a product of bird mills. We highly recommend that you acquire one from shelters or parrot rescues. In the U.S., there are parrot rescues in just about every state. You can check out if a budgie is available for adoption. This is way better than buying from pet stores because usually birds are already medically tested and cleared if they came from rescues.

In a parrot welfare organization, they do some medical test for birds. This usually includes fecal analysis – to ensure the bird is parasite – free, and also a test for parrot fever, also known as, psittacosis. Parrot Fever or psittacosis is a bacterial illness that could be carried by a bird without any signs of illness. This is transmissible to humans which is why it’s important that your budgie gets tested for it regardless of where you acquire them, especially if you got them from an unknown source. Another tests is a general blood test and a vet exam just to ensure if the bird is truly healthy. This is why getting a pet is better if you go to a parrot rescue. This is one factor that will determine if are budgies good pets.

Are budgies good pets: Personality and Temperament 

Are budgies good pets? Budgerigar birds generally respond well to regular handling but make sure that you do it gently. They are affectionate birds and are also tame, making them ideal as pets. In addition to that, even if they mimic human sounds, they are not as loud compared to other parrots.

The interesting thing about budgies is that they are social birds. This is why they are perfect as companions because they do want to hang out with fellow birds and humans. It is because of their sociable attitude that makes parakeets and parrots alike learn human speech. They want to be able to communicate with you and learn the “flock language” because now they consider you as a part of their flock.

Are budgies good pets ? Since your pet is a captive parakeet, his/ her flock consists you, your family members, and even your other household pets. Your budgie will learn from you, and will most likely imitate what you’re saying just like a toddler learning how to speak.

Are budgies good pets: Dos and Don’ts

Are budgies good pets ? Yes, if you keep them happy and healthy! Since budgies are small, they are relatively cheap to care for. But contrary to popular belief, a bird’s diet doesn’t just involve seeds. In fact, it’s not healthy for a bird of any kind to just eat seeds. Smaller species like the budgies will definitely have some health issues in the long run. This is why most vet experts recommend that a bird diet should include not only seeds but also leafy veggies, fresh fruits and pellets. Seeds should still be a part of their diet but make sure that your bird will also get enough nutrients from other food source.

According to experts, an important thing to consider, especially for keepers who have young kids, is that budgies could be stressed out by the quick movements and rough handling of young children. Budgies make great companions if you know how to handle them right, which is why it’s best to supervise your kids whenever they’re interacting with your pet bird. You should also teach your kids on how to hold them so that the bird won’t get stressed out. 

Are budgies good pets? When it comes to allowing your budgie to fly, this will depend on your living situation. It’s great if you can let your budgie fly around the house or in the aviary but make sure that they don’t get into trouble. You have to close the windows and doors, or holes that they can sneak out from. You also need to make sure that there are no dangerous stuff lying around that can injure them. And above all, make sure that your other household pets aren’t around. If you want to free them out of the cage, but you prefer to not let them fly around, you can clip their wings. Trimming their wings particularly the 5 outermost feathers will prevent them for taking off.

Keep in mind though that wing clipping is just temporary because the feathers will grow back in just a couple of months. If you decide to trim your budgie’s wings, make sure to consult an avian vet first and let them do it for you. We hope this article answered your question, are budgies good pets? Stay tune for more posts!

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