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When it comes to pros and cons of budgerigars, it’s important to note before you even decide on acquiring these pets. Unlike other birds that are highly individual, Budgerigars love to be in flocks when they’re in the wild or even in captivity. It’ll be easy to train them to like other parrots, though sometimes they can be a bit witty.

Budgies in general are very welcoming to other species regardless of its kind! They are very friendly parrots, and you as the owner don’t have to worry if ever you would introduce them to other birds or pets, they love to hang out with everyone including people!

They tend to be harmful companions for smaller birds or birds of the same size, such as cockatiels. Even if your budgie gets along with a larger or smaller bird, accidental injuries can occur during play or when they are just simply spending time inside the cage.

We’ll give you pros and cons in this article. The information listed below is the advantages and disadvantages of owning Budgerigars.

Pros and Cons of Keeping Budgerigars


  • Personality: They are playful, lively and bold
  • Appearance: Vibrant and vividly colorful with about a hundred color mutations available
  • Abilities:  Very easily trained and can sing and  speak
  • Cost: They very inexpensive and low maintenance
  • Impact on Humans:  They are very intelligent, down-to-earth and loves to interact with people; great long-time companions


  • Noise: They are sometimes too talkative to people 
  • Damage to Your Home: They love to chew up and destroy your wooden furniture if left out of the cage
  • Behavior: They are oftentimes lazy compared to other birds
  • Speaking Ability: Not that good in speaking but can be trained, although male budgies can sing!

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