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In this article, we will talk about the major health issues of the beagle breed to determine their lifespan. These health issues will not only concern your mini beagle lifespan and its major health threat but also what most dogs will experience. Mini beagles are known for their lovable trait, curiosity, as well as their strong sense of smell. There are many questions that you will ask when you buy your first dog, how long will my beagle lifespan and its major health threat Is my mini beagle purebred or crossbreed? What are the lifestyle and nutritional needs of my dog? The aforementioned questions do not only deal with your personal queries, but these are also factors that would greatly impact your beagle lifespan and its major health threat. Averagely,  a dog can live for around eight to ten years. However, your miniature beagle could live from ten to fifteen years. However, these numbers are not a great guarantee for the future of your dog.

The Major Threat to Mini Beagles

In taking care of a pet, there are pros and cons. The pros mainly deal with the benefits that you will gain from your pet. However, the cons will deal with the threat that your dog might face. One of the things you can do to help your mini beagle in his/her life is to keep its weight at a healthy level. If you overfeed your dog or you allow it to get fatter than usual, your dog would have a greater risk to all dog health problems that exist. It is a sad fact that your mini beagle, belonging to the smaller breeds, could be easily overfed. Take note that your dog does not need a lot of food in its daily diet.

What are the signs that your beagle is out of shape and is getting fat? If you are unsure of what a healthy beagle looks like at its healthy weight, you can cut back on its daily diet but go to its vet for a checkup.

Physical exams can help you to determine if your dog is gaining unnecessary extra weight, in these cases, your vet can help you in what you can do for this matter.

If your mini beagle’s check-up is not soon, you can still self-examine your dog at home by yourself. This will give you an idea of your dog’s health. The first thing that you need to do is look at your dog’s waistline. A healthy beagle at a normal weight would have a nice fit waist. To know this, you should be able to see the last two ribs on either side without seeing the rest of the ribs. After this, you should check the weight of your pet, on average, your pet should weigh around 25 to 30 pounds. However, you should note that the weight would also vary on the height of your pet.

You should not and do not need to rely on the weight charts that are posted online to know the right weight of your dog. These charts are not really accurate since no dog is the same. The weight of a healthy 15 inches tall beagle is different from a beagle that is only 13 inches tall. However, you can still use the charts online as a guide, but this should not be the only instrument that you would be using. In order to know the health of your pet, it is better to look at their physical appearance. This general rule also applies to the charts found at the back of food packaging.

How You Can Maintain Your Mini Beagle’s Weight

The two biggest factors that play a great role in the weight of your beagles is the following: the amount of exercise they do every day and the amount of food they intake every day. You should give your dog both of these things because you can’t have good exercise without a healthy diet or vice versa. These two things will make your pet happy and healthy. Remember, your pet would continually eat if there is still food on their bowl. Eyeballing or looking at how hungry your dog acts is not a good way to know how much food your dogs require. You need to have a measuring cup ready and track how much your dog would need to eat while you are checking his weight.

If you know that your mini beagle needs to lose a little weight, you can cut back around 1/8th of the food of your dog. Notice the weight of the dog and see if there is any change. Remember, your pet did not gain this weight overnight, it would also mean that your dog would not shed the weight in just mere days or months. You should give him/her a chance to burn the weight off. In this scenario, do not expect drastic weight changes for your dog, what you need to look for is the steady yet gradual weight change.

Looking back, a great factor affecting the mini beagle’s lifespan is the food intake. For food,  you need to remember is that all food is not equal. Some food that is sold in the market contains a lot of junk, it has low nutritional value. Cutting back food would not only mean that your Beagle is on a diet, but it would also mean that your dog is not getting the necessary nutrients and vitamins that it needs to stay healthy. To extend your dog’s lifespan, you need to have a healthier diet. It would also affect the overall health of your dog.

Get Your Mini Beagle Some Exercise

Helping your mini beagle live a long life should be your number one priority in taking care of your pet. Mini beagles are known to be “powerful dogs wrapped in a small package”. Knowing the breed history, you would easily know and understand that they are very energetic and jolly. These little bundles of joy love to run, exercise and play for hours every day. Mini beagles love these activities!  Longer walks, playing games, and taking your dog to a park to play with other dogs would also mean socialization while maintaining the great health that your dog needs.

Small portions of food with a lot of daily exercises or activities would yield a sure way to gaining your pet in a healthy weight. This activity would greatly help overall health. Also, keep in mind that obesity is a big health concern. Do not fret, this can be easily avoided but you need to have a small yet consistent effort.

In giving your mini beagle a longer lifespan, you should focus on healthy diets, vaccinations, as well as regular exercise. These three tasks could easily help your mini beagle’s life expectancy. Aside from this, you would be protecting your pet from daily threats such as rabies, ticks, heartworms, and fleas. Remember, your pet heavily relies on you to take care of them. Take them to the vet for a yearly checkup. Make sure that you get the necessary booster shots. You also need to choose the best reputable breeder to prevent genetic diseases.


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