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Miniature beagles are a great option for many families due to its low maintenance as well as their small size. They are also great with pets and children and they would absolutely be a delight in your home. There are some things that you need to look for and this is the beagle temperament pros and cons. Beagles might be great for most families, however, they are not really for everyone. This article would help you know the beagle temperament pros and cons of owning and taking care of this dog.

Don’t get a beagle…

A great beagle temperament pros and cons is its playfulness. Beagles are known to be playful creatures who just want to chase a ball without keeping it for itself. Remember, beagles are known for being scent hounds, believe that they can chase off any scent at any time. Just like their bigger family member, they could be very willful yet stubborn. Also, do not let them wandering off the yard if you can’t completely secure it. Beagles will chase their prey in any given opportunity! However, they do not really like water and are not great swimmers.

If you want a dog that is obedient and easy to train

Another trait of the mini beagle is its stubbornness. They like to do things on their own volition, this could cause them not to be totally obedient to their masters. Beagles do not really like the choke then jerk-and-release method. You should do positive reinforcement method, like the clicker training – you should use food and other items as priases.  There are other temperaments of mini Beagles that you should know about in the other parts of the article.

If you want a pup that is easy to housebreak

Adult beagles are easily trainable in terms of house training compared to their puppy counterpart. However, older dogs are still slow to pick up any concept. Puppies are more difficult to housetrain because they have poweful noses as well as their single-mindedness. It will be very difficult to remove the urine smell from a carpet and hide it from your beagle pup. If your pup can still smell the urine, your pup would continue to pee in this particular spot. However, beagles can be easily taught to be housebroken but it will be very difficult for you to train your dog to focus its attention to you, compared to other dog breeds.

If want a dog that is quiet and unassuming

Loudness and being vocal is another negative trait of your mini beagle. Miniature beagles could bark loudly when they smell a scent even when walking around. This is considered one of the negative temperaments of beagles. This trait is also done when they are playing with other dogs as well as when you are not home. This trait could easily cause problems for people with shared walls. Remember, your beagles are very playful and outgoing, if you want a quiet dog that would stay at your feet, the beagle is not really for you.

If you want a dog that doesn’t get in trouble in the house

Most beagles could be left alone during working hours, however there are things that you need to prepare. Initially, you need to look for the trash around the house. If there are any trashes lying around, your pet will find any trash and dig around it. Other than that, your beagle could also counter-surf, this entails that you should not just leave the food unattended. Remember, free-feeding your beagle is not really recommended, so if you have food unattended, your beagle will just eat it.  

If want a watch dog

We have stressed it enough that both the standard and mini beagles are really scent-hounds. This would entail that this breed is natural hunters. When they bark, it is impossible that they would scare off an intruder. When you have a burglar, your dog would just lick it to death rather than be attacked. This would make them a great pet, but not a great watchdog.

Consider a mini beagle if…

If you want a companion dog and you have the time and effort to train your dog.

As we have said before, your chosen mini beagles are fairly difficult to be trained, however, if you have time and effort, you can do this easily. Most beagles can easily compete in agility competitions. This dog breed could jump, crawl, and run as best as it could. If you have the time and dedication, you should consider taking care of this breed.

If you want a pup that can be housetrained

In the earlier part of the article, we have established that beagles are not necessarily the easiest dog to be house trained. However, they can respond easily to crate training. This instance would be the best way to house train them.

If you want a dog that will play with your children or family

Beagles are truly energetic in their nature. This is a great mini beagle temperament. Aside from this, beagles really love children. They are known to be hunters and spent hundred of years hunting their preys. These dogs are easily great for playing games and even entertaining you and your family. Just make sure that your dog is in a secured area.

If you want a dog that is confident and active

The mini beagle breed could be the best breed for you. They are known to be busy bees in exploring their world and they could easily investigate anything that they can put their noses into. Aside from these traits, you dogs would bring stuff they will find and would happily wag their tails as well as swing their butts.

Crate training might be a new concept to many dog keepers, however, this is highly recommended especially if you work long hours at home. People spend a lot of time at school or even at home. Crate training would ensure that your mini beagle would be safer and much happier. A great temperament of your beagle is it easily crate trained as well as adaptable.

The best temperament of beagles that you need to know is that they like to mingle with other people, pets, as well as other beagles. You can be assured that they would enjoy not only your company, but also of other pets or even dogs!

If you want a dog that enjoys the company of people and other dogs/ pets

Perhaps the best temperament of beagles is that they generally love to hang out with people, other household pets and most especially other beagles!

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