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Keeping a Beagle dog has its pros and cons just like any other dog breed. Some of the advantages include the breed’s amiable personality and sociable attitude. This canine seems to always be in a great mood, bringing lots of happiness to their keepers. Beagles make great family pets and get along with kids. Other advantages to keeping a Beagle include the longevity of the breed. Beagle is a healthy canine that can live up to 12 years or longer. They also have overflowing energy and make awesome walking buddies for active keepers. Beagles are very friendly with other household pets, and they enjoy being around their keepers. The disadvantages of owning this breed is beagle shedding. Beagle shedding produces a lot of hair which is why it’s best to use a nice de-shedding tool to help manage the heavy beagle shedding.

They require lots of exercises especially in the morning since they are very active and they need to have a positive outlet. If this dog doesn’t get enough activity, it’s highly prone to behavior problems like chewing or destroying furniture, excessive barking, and other unnecessary behavior. Another disadvantage of keeping a beagle is that the dog’s loud howling that can be heard even from afar. This is why beagles are not advisable to keep if you live in an apartment, and it usually needs a yard where it can explore. Keep in mind that beagles are also smart when it comes to escaping so make sure to always leash him/ her in an area that’s secured. Beagles also lead with their noses since they developed an incredible sense of smell. Most hounds usually follow the smell of something even if their keepers are already calling them to come back.

Beagle Shedding

Beagles shed quite a lot and despite having a short coat, these dogs produce a huge amount of beagle shedding. Beagles shed all year round and very much so during springtime. If you want to minimize the amount of Beagle’s shedded hair around your house, then make sure to brush your pet frequently particularly when they are shedding heavily. Managing a Beagle’s shedding is much easier if you’re using the right equipment. De-shedding tool for short – coated beagles are very handy when used consistently. Many beagle owners report that using a de-shedding equipment can help keep beagle shedding to a minimum. Brushing a Beagle outside is the best thing you can do since it’s much easier to clean up. 

Grooming Your Beagle

Beagles are hound dogs which mean they may need more frequent bathing compared to other dog breeds because once the dog finds something that smells good, it will usually roll around until he/ she is satisfied with the way they smell. However, for his/ her owners, the smell is not as pleasant and that’s the reason why you need to bathe them more than twice a week.

Make sure to use a mild dog shampoo whenever you’re bathing your beagle pet. Breed specific shampoos are best to use since they are specifically formulated for pet’s coat. Keep in mind to never use a human shampoo or soap on dogs since these products have different pH formula that may irritate your dog’s skin.  

Beagle care also includes brushing your pet’s teeth on a regular basis to prevent any type of dental issue. About 80% of beagle dogs suffer from dental problems when they reach two years of age. You can help your pet maintain its teeth in best condition through accustoming your dog to having its teeth brushed at a young age. Older beagle breed should also need to get used to the procedure of brushing their teeth so that he/ she will enjoy the process. Never use human toothpaste since it’s obviously not meant for dogs and can be toxic to them. It’s best to use enzyme – based toothpaste for your pet which you can actually buy at any pet store. Make sure to check with your vet for the best toothpaste for your beagle dog.

During winter time, ice – melting products may get lodged between the toes of your pet along with other things like ice crystals and sand particles. These things are usually uncomfortable and can also be dangerous for your pet. They can cause cracked and cut paw pads. After you walk your Beagle dog, make sure to wash off its feet and remove any road salt or remove ice that could be stuck in its paws. If your Beagle has lots of hair between its toes, it’s better if you trim it. One of the best ways to protect your pet’s feet is through putting petroleum jelly on the surface of its pads. You can also opt to buy special boots that are made of neoprene which is a type of synthetic rubber for extreme protection. 

Nail Trimmers

When you are already hearing the nails of your pet clicking on the floor, then that is a sign that you need to trim its nails. Your pet’s nails should be even with the paw pad so anything that’s hanging over that should be clipped. Make sure to start with this procedure when your beagle is still a pup, although an adult one can also learn to accept nail clipping. Use a nail trimmer that’s designed for dogs. Many beagle keepers choose to use an electric nail grinder. Once your dog gets used to the noise of the electric nail grinder, then he/she will be comfortable with nail clipping. If you accidentally cut your dog’s nail too much and the dog nail is bleeding, the styptic powder can quickly help stop bleeding.

Dog Brush

There are many types of dog brushes that can help you manage your Beagle’s shedding. Lots of beagle keepers find their homes filled with hair which of course can be a serious con to owning this kind of breed. Beagles can still produce a huge amount of dead hair despite the fact that they have a short coat which is why that requires constant use of the vacuum cleaner. The good thing is that Beagle’s shedding can be managed with the help of de-shedding tool. As previously mentioned, there are lots of owners that recommend using the dog brush outdoors so that it’ll help you when cleaning up the mess.

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