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When it comes to bird housing; the size of the cage you should get will depend on the number of caique birds you intend to raise. The more the birds, the bigger the cage needed to house them all. Of course; you will have to add more cages later on if you intend to breed the caique birds under your wing. You will also need a smaller spare cage for quarantine purposes; this will be used for any new birds you will be bringing into the brood. New birds that come into your care should be quarantined; and removed from the general population to avoid any transference of illness.

Your caique parrots are active and playful birds; so they will need all the toys they can get their little feet on. Choose toys that will allow them the proper sort of exercise whilst inside their enclosures. They will need perches and swings; and twigs and things that will not only get them moving but also ones that will engage their inquisitive minds. These parrots will need the right amount of air space in their enclosure where they can flit and fly.

Caique parrots are not big flyers, in the wild or otherwise; but they are pretty dexterous hoppers; so make it a point that they have a lot of floor space to show off their skills. In addition to the sundries mentioned previously; you will also want to furnish the cage with chains and bells; they like shiny objects they can push around and play with. Hang a few climbing ropes at the opposite side of the swing you fit the cage with; and marvel at the dexterity of your caique parrot. Add in a small wooden bird cage inside of its enclosure where the birds; can retreat to when they want some peace and quiet. We hope you learned a lot about bird housing in this article.

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