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How to spot a healthy caique? Caique parrots are some of the healthiest parrots around, so it is up to you as its owner/caregiver to maintain their wellness whilst under your care. Learn how to spot a healthy caique parrot because this initial measure of concern will be the hinge that will foretell the future wellness of the bird. It is important that you determine the history of the caique parrot you intend to take in so that you are not too surprised about possible eventualities that may rise.

How to spot a healthy caique? It is equally important that you pay frequent visits to the caique you intend to take home because it will give you better insight on its social behaviour and personality. You will also be able to witness the caique in its present environment, how it interacts with other birds, as well as its present owner/breeder, giving you valuable insight of how things will turn out when you take your caique bird home.

Sign of Abnormalities to Watch Out For

Determine the health and wellness of the bird before you take them home. Any signs of abnormalities in movement and mobility are a red flag. Signs of weakness and lethargy are another indication of a sick bird. A healthy caique parrots would be:

  • attentive
  • inquisitive
  • spritely
  • curious
  • smart and clever
  • sharp and intelligent
  • If they can support themselves with the little legs
  • able to hop around without problems
  • The parrot can bear their weight whilst swinging on swings
  • has no problem perching
  • body is free of lumps, bumps and lesions
  • is free of scales and scars on its body
  • feathers are unruffled
  • no bald spots anywhere on its body
  • ears and eyes are absent of discharge
  • beak is not ill formed, chipped or cracked

How to spot a healthy caique? A healthy, well-rounded caique bird is curious as it is confident. They will display cautiousness to new surrounding but will soon be able to settle down given the proper space and time to get used to its new environment and human company. We hope that we have given you the important low-down on acquisition, adoption and care for the caique parrot. We wish you a long life of happy companionship with your new feathered buddy.

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