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Can I get a capybara as a pet? Yes and no. Capybaras are super cute creatures and are known as the largest rodent in the world. They can weigh up to around 140 pounds, sort of like a really huge guinea pig. Can I get a capybara as a pet? You have to consider things like the fact that they are semi – aquatic animals which means, you need to provide access to water so they can swim around. In this article you’ll learn the answer to your question: can I get a capybara as a pet?

Can I Get a Capybara As a Pet?: What You Need to Know

Although most capybaras are sweet and affectionate, they can still be quite challenging as a pet especially if you don’t have any prior experience to keeping grazing animals. Can I get a capybara as a pet needs company because they are very sociable type of animals, so if you decide to keep them, make sure to get two or more.

Another thing you should know is that if you want to get a capybara as a pet, keep in mind that they are emotionally sensitive and that they bond with their keepers in an intense way. They are very likely to suffer separation anxiety than any kind of grazing species.

This is why, if you want to get a capybara as a pet, you have to care for their welfare and ensure that they are bonded with one of their kinds or your other household pet if any so that if you need to go out for long periods of time, they won’t feel left behind.

You have to keep in mind that these animals are herding types so if they happen to form a bond with you, you will become part of their herd. In the world of capybaras, if one capys is gone, they assume that their herd mate is probably eaten by a predator. They will think of the same thing if you were suddenly gone for an extended period of time and this usually increases their anxiety.

Can I get a capybara as a pet also entails that you may at some point be bitten because if they think that you are part of the herd, they will treat you as they would any other herd member. They can become quite aggressive to each other and do some nipping. However, for them, they have thick skin which means their bites aren’t as harmful compare to when they bite a human.

Tips on How to Keep Capybaras

You’ll need to be a person with discipline. This is because once the excitement of owning this exotic pet subsides; you are now responsible to properly keeping them. You should be the kind of person that has the discipline to do the work necessary to ensure that that your pet is healthy and happy. There are those who get a capybara as a pet but don’t have the discipline to be patient and do the work.

It’s very important that when you get a capybara as a pet that they access to grass. If your backyard or garden doesn’t have enough of these, you need to lay down grass that will grow year round for your pet. You have to also ensure that your lawn is well – kept especially during winter.

Otherwise you’ll need to take your pet to a park where there’s edible grass that’s also safe to eat. It should be free from fertilizers. Make sure to take your pet there every day for at least two hours. A less satisfactory alternative is by offering your pet with fresh veggies.

In the wild, a capybara’s diet is made up of 100% veggies – 70% of which are grasses. These animals spend most of their day grazing particularly during dry season. If you want to get a capybara as a pet, you have to learn that grazing is a natural activity. Aside from the fact thatit has nutritional benefits, your capys will want to freely graze as it makes them happy.

Can I Get a Capybara As a Pet?: Other Caring Tips

There are only a few people that can provide the right living conditions for this kind of exotic pet. If you want to get a capybara as a pet, keep in mind that it’s nothing like caring for a dog or cat. These animals are domesticated for a very long time which means that common household pets have already evolved in a way that they can co – exist with humans while still having physical and emotional needs. This is not the case with capys. They are born and raised as herd animals and can only understand the behavior that they encounter with other capybaras and animals in the wild.

The levels of stress hormones for wild animals are much higher whenever they are kept as household pets and hanging around humans compared to interacting with their own species.

Capybaras are herd and social animals that have quite a complex and sophisticated emotions. They’re also very smart, and can be trained somehow.

When it comes to breeding; the capybara comes onto heat once every eight days. When females go through their periods, they are only open to mating for eight hours. On average, they can give birth to around four baby capybaras. They can only produce one litter, once a year.

Females vs. Males

The female pet usually whistles whenever she is on heat, and through this, the male will sniff her frequently. The male and female usually mate in the water. If the female doesn’t want to mate with a particular male, she will usually dive deep in the water. The breeding couples are often interrupted by another male capybara, this is normal.

The rest of the capybara group is in charge of raising a young. Baby capys are usually born after 150 days during gestation period. Female capybaras usually become mature at around seven to twelve months of age. Males become sexually matured at fifteen to twenty – four months.


As herd animals they need to have a constant chum. If you want to get a capybara as a pet and you are his/ her source of primary bond, whenever you’re away from your pet, it will create a separation anxiety that’s usually far more intense than when you leave a needy dog. For this reason, if you care about your pet’s wellness, you should be prepared to care for its needs 24/7. Unfortunately, not many keepers have the commitment and time to cater to their needs.     

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