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Although they are little dogs, they are full of big personalities. Due to this, it makes them good to stay at a variety of homes. They would be friendly and still bright in most cases but would maintain their sharp alertness when they are herding other breeds. Even though they are considered to be generally quite healthy, there are still corgi problems that you should know about. Your corgi might suffer from an elbow or hip dysplasia, heart conditions, eye issues, or even the von Willebrand’s disease. The least disease is a breeding disorder. You need to ask your breeder for some health testing before you purchase your puppy or even putting on some money. This article will let you know about the corgi problems that you might encounter.

The Cardigan Welsh corgi is of similar origin with the Pembroke Welsh corgi, but somehow different. The latter is generally smaller but more affectionate from the former. Other than that, the latter has a docked tail. Aside from that, the latter might be more prone to some corgi problems such as epilepsy. Aside from those things, it can be really difficult to tell these two breeds apart.

The corgi breed is generally very cuddly, affectionate, as well as well-mannered small dog. These dogs have the confidence trait and they are friendlier to strangers than any other known dog breed. This would make them a good apartment dog.

This dog breed are low and long, has a muscular body, and very agile. Because they belong to the herd cattle, your chosen breed of dog is   very independent, fearless, vigilant, and trainable. These are some key characteristics of a herding dog. Your dog would need a great amount of exercise even though they are very small. Their internet popularity through memes has made them popular in a way that is very undeserved.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is not really a great dog for all home, because they might have great corgi problems. If you do not give your dog enough enrichment, exercise, and training,your dog could be very stubborn. You need give  them a job in order for them to have a good sense of direction.

Life Expectancy and Size

The breed of the Pembroke Welsh corgi is a little dog that lives for around 12 to 13 years. They are known to be muscular and stocky. They stand tall at 10 to 12 inches tall and could weigh up to around 30 pounds. The ears of this dog stand upright with a very bright expression. Generally, they are sable, red, black and tan, fawn, and have white markings that could be found on their bellies and faces. This breed has its tail cut off (dock) shortly after they are born. This gives them a very wiggly look.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog would be fit in what you were looking for if you are hoping to find a small dog but has a big bark. But, its family member the Cardigan Corgis have a more protective instincts. Because it stands less than a foot tall, this corgi is not very intimidating to most people.

Your corgi is naturally suspicious to any strangers if you do not socialize them early enough, the reason for this problem is that they are herding dogs. This is part of the corgi problems that you should know. Even though they have a big bark as well as an alert nature, this breed is not generally a good choice as your guard dog in your house.


Because it is an enthusiastic learner, your Pembroke Welsh corgi really likes a toy-based as well as a treat based training. These dogs are very quick learners. They love to play as well as eating their treats. This makes them great partners in training. They want to have the training to have mental enrichment.

This dog breed really love obedience as well as agility training. Even though they are really friendly and outgoing, you should expose your corgi to the world as a puppy so you would have less corgi problem. Their popularity lies largely on their socialization and training and due to their affable nature.

Energy Level

You should not be scared of their stubby legs because they are still a great bundle of joy! Remember, they are bred for herding cattle all day coupled with a great mind that is meant for problem-solving, so this dog is not really meant for sedentary owners. If you are not ready to have daily exercises with your dog, this breed is definitely not for you. The corgi breed is good for those who want jogging, walking, or even having a sport dog companion. However, this breed is not for fast-paced activities such as jogging due to their short legs.

It can be very affectionate and goofy part of many families. They are very easy to be involved in playing and training and could become very friendly. However, you should not expect to slow down even though they have short legs. Even though they are huge YouTube celebrities, they are still known to be part of the herding cattle, and thus, love to run. Be prepared to give regular exercise and training. This dog breed likes children, however, they might herd your children if you leave them unguided. Also, you need to be on the lookout for the behavior of young corgis especially their nipping behaviors, they needed a good yet gentle re-direction.

How to Care for a Corgi

The corgi breed is very popular for several reasons. One of those reasons is their cute looks that are coupled with their great personality, alongside with easy to care for coat and good health.

Environmental Needs

There are several corgi problems, one of which is environmental needs. You corgi should not be staying in an extremely cold or hot environment. You should not exercise them in extreme heat. Do not be afraid, these dogs are easily adaptable.

Shedding and Grooming

Your dog needs regular brushing to have sleek hair even though they have a short coat. Their coat would shed a lot, however, it is very easy to groom using a slicker brush and a rake-type brush. Its shedding could be easily managed occasionally through an additional bath, but you need to wait until your dog is dry before you brush it.

Exercise Needs

Just like other herding breeds, your Pembroke Welsh corgi needs to have an adequate exercise for its body and brain. It needs to have a mixture of lengthy walks, home games, training, as well as puzzle toys. These things are enough for your dog.

It is a major corgi problem if you left your dog on its own volition. So, you should not skip regular exercise or else your ever so playful corgi will create new things on its own. Some of the things that s/he might do is nipping at moving objects, barking, or even destroying your house. Remember, prevention is better than cure for most things.

Behavior Problems

As we have said before, your corgi is very friendly as well as an affectionate dog. They could display aggression, shyness, barkiness or even destructive tendencies just like other dog breeds. However, your corgi is the most to “herd” other things due to its natural instincts. It may be manifested through the nipping of the heels of moving objects, such as dogs, people, or even cars, or barking and lunging on the leash. However, with proper training and a good approach, you can prevent any of these corgi problems. Your pet could do a great job even if it only entails staying and lying on the mat and exchange for a treat! The reward system for good behavior is key to not having corgi problems. This should be enough to keep him well-behaved as well as friendly.

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