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Adjustment Period

The period of adjustment is the most crucial part. It is the time you let your snake get used to the new environment it belongs to. Although this type of snake has a low disposition and can adjust easily, it still needs your presence in order to overcome this stage.

In the start your snake might feel a little threatened and if it hides or defend themselves, do not worry. It is normal that they will feel aloof at first. Wait for them to fully adjust with the changes it is going through

Familiarizing  Yourself

Let your snake stay outside its enclosure for at least an hour each day in order to make your smell familiar to it. Do this as soon as your pet arrives in your home for the first week of its stay. Take caution and it is advisable for you not to touch your Hognose snake on the first few days. Give your Hognose snake a few weeks and let it settle down first on its new habitat.

Feeding Schedule

Set up a regular feeding routine for your new pet. Let it know when it’s going to expect meals. By this way, he’ll adjust more easily on the new things it will be dealing with.

Probationary Period

Do not stress your pet with unnecessary handling especially on the first few weeks of its stay. It may take some time before your pet will get use to you. On the end of your first week together, you can begin to arrange the things inside your snake’s cage but it is still not advisable for you to touch it. Do this for at least one more week to ensure your snake that you are not a threat and won’t do any harm. Expose yourself with your pet but make sure that you won’t touch it until the right time comes.

After the probationary period, once your snake has already felt safe with your presence, you may now start to touch it gently, move it around the cage, and lift its tail. Do this manner for three to four days.


If it seems that your pet has already adjusted with the new space it has, you may now start further exposing yourself to it through short periods of handling. Remember not to handle it shortly after a meal. Wait for at least two to three days. When you are approaching your pet, handle it to the side as a predator would approach it to the top. Make sure that you are gentle so that it will not feel any signs of threat.


You may ask the supervision of a long-time snake owner or professional in order for you to become comfortable in

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