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The different types of Yorkie haircuts we will discuss in this article include the three – layer style, and the Westie Style. We will also classify the Yorkie haircuts for each kind of coats and provide you with grooming tips on how you can maintain these Yorkie haircuts.

Two Types of Yorkie Haircuts

The Three – Layer Style

This is one of the most modern Yorkie haircut styles that are already becoming quite a trend in the terrier world. Some dog groomers have perfected this kind of style but many are still having a hard time getting it right. This kind of Yorkie haircut gives your pet sort of a fluffy look. This is more widely done on female Yorkie dogs though the look can be used for both sexes. If you want to achieve this kind of style make sure to go to a groomer that has experience doing it. You wouldn’t want your cute little dog to come out looking like a hot mess.

The Westie Style

This is a medium – range type of Yorkie haircut that’s best for those who are highly active. The coat is usually cut just around one inch from the ground. This will allow your pet to sport this style without compromising their movement. It also helps them to clearly see which could be great for those who have eye problems.

This is a very flattering look and many pet owners choose this kind of style. Groomers find this Yorkie haircut easy to do, and while it take some time to do it compared to just doing a squared puppy hairstyle, it won’t take as long as doing the three – layer Yorkie haircut.

Yorkie Haircuts: Coat Types

Puppy Coat

Yorkie pups often have softer and thicker coat than adult dogs. This kind of coat helps to protect them and also keep them warm. In addition to these, the color markings are quite visible and bold as well. As they grow older, these coat colors will become lighter.

Silky Coat

As the name suggest, Yorkies with silky coat sport a much smoother hair. The hair is straight and glossy which makes it look like a sheen.

Cotton Coat 

Cotton coats sometimes are referred to as wavy coats because they are thicker and has more wave compared to silky coats. Cotton coats are not that smooth just like silky coats making it hard to brush it. It only tends to grow no longer than a few inches making it quite kinky.

Grooming Tips for Silky Coats:

No matter what kind of coat your Yorkie dog has, it very important to keep it from being matted. Here are the steps on how you can properly brush your Yorkie’s silk hair:

  • Make sure your Yorkie dog is well – rested and also comfy before you brush its hair. Let him lie down on one side before you begin.
  • You must use a wide – toothed comb to separate the hair, and create a horizontal line in the middle so that it’ll be easier for you to brush it.
  • The first thing you need to do is to start with the hair below the line, then pick up a small strip at a time and comb it until the strip is smooth so that the comb can easily glide through.
  • Repeat the process with another strip. You can use this technique to ensure that all layers of the hair are thoroughly brushed and that there are no hidden mats underneath its layers.
  • Once you’re done with the part below the line, you need to repeat the process on the other side of the hair. After combing, the hair should be free of mats and should look a bit fluffy.

Grooming Tips for Cotton Coats

The wavy texture of the cotton coats requires a different kind of grooming procedure. Cotton coats are very prone to mats, which is why it’s very important to remove these mats whenever you are brushing your pet Yorkie.

  • Make sure to check out the parts that are more prone to being matted such as the neck area, and the armpits.
  • Make sure to use a slicker type of brush. You need to brush towards the growth of its coat. You should never brush one area too many times and this is because the pins from the brush can damage your dog’s skin. The pins from the slicker brush will break apart the mats as you brush through them, so make sure that you work through the entire coat.
  • Make sure to use a grey hound comb. The grey hound comb has longer pins that can run deep into the coat and detect hidden mats. You need to work through the coat to see if there are any tangles or mats left on your pet.
  • If the mats are too thick, and there is no way you can break them apart, what you can try to do is to shave them down. You can ask a professional groomer to shave the matted area for you.

Common Yorkie Haircuts

The Show Groom

Another common Yorkie haircut is called the “show groom.” This is suitable for silk – coated Yorkie dogs.This hairstyle works only on silk coats because cotton coats are wavy and usually do not grow long enough for this style.

The hair is usually left uncut, and finely brushed every day. The hair will be long and slightly dragging on the floor.

The Outline Groom

This is another Yorkie haircut exclusively for silk coats. Similar to the Show Groom, the hair is uncut and finely brushed. The only difference is that with the Outline Groom, the hair on the head and mustache is trimmed shorter.

Yorkies are a wonderful breed since they possess a nice type of coat that can be transformed into various styles of Yorkie haircut. Grooming a Yorkie requires some knowledge about the hair type, but overall it is fun simply because you can be creative with the hairstyle for your dog that’s suitable for their personality.

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