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How to care for Yorkshire Terrier coat? Your Yorkshire Terrier’s skin produces natural oils that help to protect its coat and keep it moisturized. Grooming for dogs is not just about keeping it clean, it is mainly about improving and maintaining the condition of the skin. How to care for Yorkshire Terrier coat? Grooming your dog helps to distribute its natural body oils to keep his skin healthy, shiny, and soft. No matter what kind of coat your Yorkshire Terrier has, it is your job to groom it properly so it remains in good health. How to care for Yorkshire Terrier coat? In this article,you will learn the basics about grooming your Yorkshire Terrier – this includes brushing and bathing your dog as well as trimming his nails, cleaning his ears, and brushing his teeth.

Yorkie Terrier Coat

How to care for Yorkshire Terrier coat? Yorkie pups often have softer and thicker coat than adult dogs. This kind of coat helps to protect them and also keep them warm. In addition to these, the color markings are quite visible and bold as well. As they grow older, these coat colors will become lighter. Yorkies with silky coat sport a much smoother hair. The hair is straight and glossy which makes it look like a sheen. On other hand, cotton coats sometimes are referred to as wavy coats because they are thicker and have more waves compared to silky coats. Cotton coats are not that smooth just like silky coats making it hard to brush it. It only tends to grow no longer than a few inches making it quite kinky.

Coat Maintenance for Yorkies

How to care for Yorkshire Terrier coat? No matter what kind of coat your Yorkie dog has, it very important to keep it from being matted. Make sure your Yorkie dog is well – rested and also comfy before you brush its hair. Let him lie down on one side before you begin. You must use a wide – toothed comb to separate the hair, and create a horizontal line in the middle so that it’ll be easier for you to brush it.

The first thing you need to do is to start with the hair below the line, then pick up a small strip at a time and comb it until the strip is smooth so that the comb can easily glide through. Repeat the process with another strip. You can use this technique to ensure that all layers of the hair are thoroughly brushed and that there are no hidden mats underneath its layers. Once you’re done with the part below the line, you need to repeat the process on the other side of the hair. After combing, the hair should be free of mats and should look a bit fluffy.

Coat Grooming

How to care for Yorkshire Terrier coat? The wavy texture of the cotton coats requires a different kind of grooming procedure. Cotton coats are very prone to mats, which is why it’s very important to remove these mats whenever you are brushing your pet Yorkie. Make sure to check out the parts that are more prone to being matted such as the neck area, and the armpits. You need to brush towards the growth of its coat. You should never brush one area too many times and this is because the pins from the brush can damage your dog’s skin. The pins from the slicker brush will break apart the mats as you brush through them, so make sure that you work through the entire coat.

Make sure to use a grey hound comb. The grey hound comb has longer pins that can run deep into the coat and detect hidden mats. You need to work through the coat to see if there are any tangles or mats left on your pet. If the mats are too thick, and there is no way you can break them apart, what you can try to do is to shave them down. You can ask a professional groomer to shave the matted area for you.

Keep In Mind

You can groom your Yorkshire Terrier is to go over his body with a metal comb. Start at the back of the head and work your way down the dog’s neck and back, brushing in the direction of hair growth. Move on to the dog’s sides and comb the fur down each leg. Once you’ve gone over your Yorkshire Terrier with a comb to remove tangles you can do it again with the wire pin brush to collect loose and dead hairs. If your Yorkshire Terrier is a particularly high shedder (most Yorkshire Terriers blow their coats more than twice a year) you may also want to use an undercoat rake to remove dead hairs from the Yorkshire Terrier’s undercoat before they can be shed.

How to care for Yorkshire Terrier coat? After you’ve gone over your Yorkshire Terrier with the comb and brush he is ready for bathing. Remember, the Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t need to be bathed frequently – you should only do it when he really needs it. If you bathe your dog too frequently it could cause his skin and coat to dry out. When you do bathe your dog, be sure to use dog-friendly shampoo that will be gentle on his skin.

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