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Do boxer dogs make good pets? Yes they do! In fact, they recently became one of the most popular family dogs in the world! Boxer dogs are well – known for their silliness, playfulness and friendliness. This makes them great companions for families and individuals alike. Do boxer dogs make good pets? The Boxer dog is a medium – sized breed with strong legs, short back and a shiny coat. They were first bred as hunting dogs in Germany, and later became watch dogs and companion dogs. In this article, you’ll learn more information about the breed and if do boxer dogs make good pets?

Do boxer dogs make good pets: Boxer Dog Facts

Do boxer dogs make good pets? Boxer dogs have a well – developed muscular body structure. They have a wide, blunt muzzle with dark brown eyes and long tapering ears. These are just some of their distinct body features. Adult boxer dogs have a height range of around 22 to 23 ½ inches, and can weigh up to 71 pounds. They have a smooth and short coat that comes in various colors including white, gray, and brown. They are clever and alert dogs as well.

Since they are active dog breeds, they require regular training and lots of physical and mental activities. They are highly – trainable dogs and also quick learners. Above all, they are generally loyal and obedient to their masters especially if they get trained at a young age. Do boxer dogs make good pets? Boxers are social types of animals making them one of the best breeds for families with kids.

Do boxer dogs make good pets: Male vs. Female Breeds

Do boxer dogs make good pets? Sometimes it depends on the owner’s compatibility with the dog. Sometimes compatibility is about knowing the difference when it comes to gender. In this section, we will discuss the difference between a male and female boxer dogs. Male boxer dogs are generally larger and stronger than females but there’s more to it than that.

Male Boxer Dogs Characteristics

Do boxer dogs make good pets? An adult male boxer dog is stronger, heavier and larger than their female counterparts. Males can reach up to 25 inches and weigh up to 71 pounds. Most of the time, they show dominance over their counterparts but it also includes the rowdy responses to other male boxer dogs. However, this type of dominant behavior can sometimes be quite exhausting for their keepers.

Male boxer pets don’t usually mate with other dog breeds. It’s also hard to introduce another one of their kind to form a male and female pair. But this all changes when a male sense that a female breed is about to come in heat which usually starts at the age of 6 months old. Males typically do everything just to mate with a female when the breeding season comes. 

Do boxer dogs make good pets? Male boxer dogs that weren’t neutered during the mating season are much more aggressive than neutered ones. This is why it’s highly recommended for you to neuter your male boxer as it will generally make them less aggressive and their overall behavior will also be more tamed than those who are intact males. They will have no undesirable sexual behaviors like marking their territory with urine, and aggressively searching for female dogs that are in heat.

Female Boxer Dogs Characteristics

Do boxer dogs make good pets? An adult female boxer is lighter and smaller in size compared to a male adult boxer dog. They are around 21 to 23 inches in height and can weigh up to 60 pounds only. However, females are more aggressive and alert particularly when they become mothers because they want to protect their cubs. Females have two heat cycles every year and each cycles last for about three weeks.

What happens when the female is in heat is that they attract every male dog around. This is the reason why it sometimes causes battles between male dogs especially those that weren’t neutered yet. And because of such inconveniences and unwanted behaviors, most owners try to suppress the estrus of their female pets through medications though this is not recommended. Suppressing females usually cause some health issues like inflammation of the uterus.

Do boxer dogs make good pets: Growth Rates

When breeders bred a dog especially for showing purposes, dogs in general will be on the smaller end of the scale but more chiseled in their body structure and overall health than their counterparts. Keep in mind though that only a small percentage of pups can actually achieve that “top show quality.” Whenever boxer dogs aren’t bred for a show but for a more sturdier and stronger appearance, this is what professional breeders refer to as work lines – it focuses more on maintaining a healthy and top quality lineage of the breed. For these kinds of dogs, breeders usually have a goal of making the breed be at the top of the size scale and are generally more bulk. This is why when you purchase a Boxer pet, the breeding program that they were raised in will also play a role not just to their size but also to the question, do boxer dogs make good pets.

Keep in mind that show line breeders have many litters but it’s not guaranteed that each puppy will be top quality for show or even for work lines.

Growth Rates

When it comes to growth rates, keep in mind that if a dog has a smaller adult weight, sooner or later you’ll find him/ her to stop growing. This is why Boxer dogs are genetically predetermined to be around 60 pounds. At 17 months, they will still be in a growth stage.

The final size of a boxer dog can’t be determined for many years. Usually pups will grow both in weight and height until they reach the minimum age of 18 months up to 1 year (maximum). However, there can be exceptions but it generally refers to most boxer dogs.

Here’s the thing though, the growth doesn’t stop there. Once a boxer dog reached its full height, he/ she will continue growing until the age of 3 years old. For most boxers, between the ages of 1 and 3 is the time that they will develop a broader chest area. We hope we answered the question do boxer dogs make good pets in this article. Stay tune for more!

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