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Should I get a boxer dog? Well, the answer to that question depends on you! However, there are many reasons why we highly recommend you to get one. You can consider their expressive face, their active lifestyle, their silly behavior, their innate cleverness, their sociability and loyalty to their owners, and their powerful body. Should I get a boxer dog? If those qualities aren’t enough yet then maybe some interesting facts about the breed may make you buy one. In this article, you’ll learn the answer to your question, should I get a boxer dog?

Boxers have a long and interesting origin

Should I get a boxer dog? These dogs go way back to 2000 B.C. along with other familiar dog breeds like the Mastiff and the Bulldog. Their ancestors can be traced back to the ancient Assyrians. The ancestral dogs of the Boxer breed were often used in war because they are powerful and brave. After a couple of centuries, the breed was named for the ancient city of Molossis which is now Albania today.

For many centuries, the Bullenbeisser, the Boxer breed’s more recent ancestor, were used as hunting dogs. They are often hunt deer, boars and bears. The breed spread all over England and Europe and they can be seen in Flemish tapestries around the 16th century. Most dog experts agree that the Bullenbeisser breed from Belgium is the direct ancestor of the Boxer breed we have today. It was just in Germany that the Boxer became more domesticated and reached a peak of development making them ideal as pets.

Boxers came late in the USA

The first boxer dog that was imported in the U.S. was after World War I. However, it didn’t become popular until the late 1930s. There were four dogs that were considered as the foundation of the Boxer dog in the U.S. The group was known as ““The Four Horsemen of Boxerdom.”

The first one was Sigurd. He was born in 1929 in Germany. Ten of his pups were brought to the U.S. and the lineage later became champions. The next two were named Utz and Lustig. Both of which have produce dozens of American boxer dog champions. The last one was called Dorian. He won the Working Group in 1937 at Westminster.

Should I get a boxer dog? Today, Boxer dogs are the 10th most popular dog breed in the U.S., according to the American Kennel Club. In fact, the boxer breed in general also excelled in the famous Westminster dog show. They received an award as the Best in Show (1947, 1949, 1951, and 1970).

Boxer dogs are highly – trainable pets

Should I get a boxer dog? Just like their ancestors, boxer dogs can succeed in various dog sports such as rally and agility but you will have to train them. The boxer dog is just glorious whenever you see them racing in an agility course, following orders in obedience trails and performing in rallies. However, keep in mind that this clever dog tends to have some form of stubbornness as well. As his owner and trainer, you should always exercise patience. You should also be creative and consistent. You need to also keep in mind that a boxer dog becomes bored with repetition so be creative on how you will do this. Since they are active dog breeds, they require regular training and lots of physical and mental activities. They are highly – trainable dogs and also quick learners. Above all, they are generally loyal and obedient to their masters especially if they get trained at a young age.

Boxer dogs have a great physique

Should I get a boxer dog? Boxer dogs have a well – developed muscular body structure. They have a wide, blunt muzzle with dark brown eyes and long tapering ears. These are just some of their distinct body features. Adult boxer dogs have a height range of around 22 to 23 ½ inches, and can weigh up to 71 pounds. They have a smooth and short coat that comes in various colors including white, gray, and brown.

Boxer dogs love to bark

Should I get a boxer dog? Boxer dogs can hear noises up to 60 Hertz while humans can only hear up to 20 Hertz. This refers to frequency and not volume. It only means that your dog is hearing way more than you which is why if they pick up an unfamiliar sound, they will naturally alert you. For instance, they can already hear the trash truck even if it’s still quite far away. According to experts, Boxer dogs bark in order to identify themselves to other types of dogs in the neighborhood. Boxer dogs are naturally outgoing and silly; they need to have some form of extensive socialization outside of your home.

Boxer dogs are generally healthy

Should I get a boxer dog? When it comes to knowing if are boxers healthy dogs, it’s important to note that there are certain conditions that Boxer dogs are prone to due to their genetic basis. This means that there are diseases or disorders that they are more prone to experiencing or are more likely to happen to them than to other dog breeds. Responsible breeders screen boxer pups for these common conditions, and when possible, they avoid breeding pups who show signs of certain genetic traits. Nevertheless, any of these conditions can still happen to boxer pups or dogs that are healthy or are well – taken care of.

Boxer dogs love kids and people

Boxer dogs have a long history of being used in a war and in hunting. Today, however, they are one of the most beloved family pets because even if they are fighters, they are also lovers. They have tremendous love for their human companions and they also enjoy the company of children. He’s protective and patient with kids making them as ideal family pets.

Boxers are excellent service dogs

In addition to being great family pets, boxer dogs are also excellent service dogs. This is because they just have a natural attachment and love for humans. Coupled with their trainability and intelligence, these dogs are often used as therapy dogs, guide dogs for the blind and also alert dogs for people who are suffering from episodes of epilepsy and seizures. We hope we answered your question, should I get a boxer dog? Stay tune for more posts!

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