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Do pigeons make good pets? Homing pet pigeons need care as well as skill to maintain. Keeping homing pigeons as family pets is common for individuals that are prepared to spend some additional time in caring for them. Do pigeons make good pets? Homing pet pigeons are sort of the ‘smarter pigeons’ because they have the unique ability to go back to their owners. However, keepers accomplish this with training and breeding the pigeons in a proper manner. Other breeds of pigeons that are similar to homing pigeons are messaging pigeons as well as competing pigeons. In this article, do pigeons make good pets?

Do Pigeons Make Good Pets: Homing Pigeons

If you want to keep homing pigeons, check out the sections below:

Loft Space

Acquire a loft space for your pigeons, or develop one yourself prior to their arrival. The lofts should have sufficient ventilation, room for food as well as water, and also setups, which protect them from killers. As quickly as you acquire them, present the homing pigeons to the loft. Feed your pigeons twice a day with grains, nuts, and seeds, and also provide them with plenty of tidy water. Robbing them of food might cause their trip. Keep the loft spaces clean and also look at the animals periodically. Pigeons require enough amounts of protein as well as energy.


Cut your pigeon’s nails when they expand too long. Smoother the thick parts of their beaks. Leave a bath dish in the loft for them to take a dip in, every now and then. You can likewise mist them every different day to see to it they keep tidy.

Training Your Pet

When they are around 6 weeks old, start training your pets to come home. You will need a great deal of persistence and also uniformity while educating them. See to it to train them consistently. At the same time, do not fail to remember to keep their loft spaces loaded with enough food and water.

Two Residences

Rather than training your pigeons just to go back to its residence loft space after you release them, consider building a 2nd residence for it at a range from its original house. Ensure that both lofts have food and also water. Pigeons need a motivation to come back to its residence as opposed to flying away.

Clever Birds

Keeping homing pigeons as family pets is an excellent selection. You can educate them for numerous bird racing occasions as well as instruct them to send messages to other birds. With the best care as well as affection, you will certainly have the ability to elevate a few of the most gifted as well as extraordinary pets on your own. Make sure to treat them well and also take them to a qualified veterinarian in case they fall sick or somehow wound themselves while flying. Once trained, these charming birds will certainly go back to your residence after you release them.

Outdoor Aviary

Rescued pigeons can’t be safely flown. This is because they make easy targets for hawks as well as wild cats. Therefore, when they’re outside, you need to shield them in an aviary. It needs to be predator – proof; something sturdy and securely built both on the top and lower portion. It should also be rodent – proof; you need to set up a cage with mesh openings about half inch or smaller. You should also include a protected corner that will make them comfortable as well as dry during rainy season.

Nobody has ever longed for a small housing so make it as huge as possible. Minimum size for four birds should be around 6″ x 4″ x 6″. Pigeons stand out at the leisure arts as well as spend their time bathing, grooming, lounging in the sunlight, foraging for preferred seeds, seeing the skies, napping, flaunting and dating. Every four to five weeks, mated couples will lay a pair of eggs which require to be replaced with fake eggs for pigeon contraception as well as take turns sitting on it.

Pigeons are exceptionally committed to their household and companion mate. They need fresh food as well as water and a quick poop-scrape everyday as well as a complete aviary cleaning on a weekly basis. Pigeons are stunning, and calm. With time and interest, a lot of can be hand-tamed. All can be befriended. It’s simple to create a lovely, safe and also eye-catching aviary for these awesome pigeons!

Indoor Aviary

Pigeons can also live inside your house with you and your family. However, they would need a large cage as their residence. You may want to provide a double-flight cage; this is a good dimension for a pair. You need to take them out every day in order to extend their legs and wings so they can enjoy and feel free. They usually walk than fly and also will select out some preferred areas for socializing. Pigeons are wise, easy going birds that quickly find out household rules. They do great in houses with other household pets, and can live quietly. They are also unafraid with felines and also canines as long as they are protected. Pigeons are extremely emotional and will require a best friend forever. You may want an additional bird or a human with whom they can spend the day. Living home all alone in a cage isn’t a great life for a pigeon.

Pigeon Pants

The primary hassle to having pigeons as indoor pets is probably their droppings. Healthy pigeon poop is odor free and not that difficult to handle. Pigeons can likewise be litter – trained or they can put on pigeon trousers! Pigeon pants are charming harnesses with a diaper to capture droppings. The pants are very easy to place on and pigeons don’t mind it. Once clothed, they can walk as well as fly around your house and also rest on shoulders poop – free. The diaper, lined with half a panty -liner, must to be changed at least every three hours.

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